Operating On Battery Power; Inserting The Batteries - Black & Decker Smart Scan AD925 Instruction Manual

Auto diagnostic tool
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7. Confirm your intentions by releasing, then pressing and holding the
ERASE/Scroll Up key again for 3 seconds.
While the tool erases the diagnostic codes, the LCD displays the word "Erasing".
8. When all the codes have been erased, the word "Done" appears on the screen.
If the problem causing Diagnostic Trouble Code(s) still exists, the code will return. The
Diagnostic Trouble Code may return immediately or may return after vehicle has been
9. If you wish, you can rescan the vehicle.
Press the READ/Scroll Down key. When the Summary Screen appears, press the
READ/Scroll Down key to view the updated findings.

Operating on Battery Power

The Tool must be connected to the vehicle initially to retrieve codes from the vehicle's
computer modules. Once information has been retrieved from the vehicle, the codes
can be reviewed at any time by operating the Tool on battery power.

Inserting the Batteries

The Tool requires 4-AAA alkaline batteries to operate without vehicle power.
• Rechargeable batteries do not last as long as alkaline types and are not recommended.
• Non-rechargeable Lithium (Li) batteries can be used. While lithium-type batteries last
longer than the alkaline type batteries, they are more expensive.
1. Remove the battery cover.
• Press the battery door latch located on the back of the unit.
• Remove the battery cover.
2. Install the new batteries.
• 4-AAA alkaline batteries.
• Observe polarity identified inside the Tool's battery compartment.
Batteries can explode, or leak, and can cause injury or fire. To
reduce this risk:
• Carefully follow all instructions and warnings on the battery label and package.
• Always insert batteries correctly with regard to polarity (+ and -), marked on the
battery and the equipment.
• Do not short battery terminals.
• Do not charge batteries.
• Do not mix old and new batteries. Replace all of them at the same time with new
batteries of the same brand and type.
• Remove dead batteries immediately and dispose of per local codes.
• Do not dispose of batteries in fire.
• Keep batteries out of reach of children.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents