Erasing Diagnostic Codes - Black & Decker Smart Scan AD925 Instruction Manual

Auto diagnostic tool
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If the Tool retrieves a Diagnostic Trouble Code that it does not understand, the Tool will
still display the Diagnostic Trouble Code but it will not be able to display the Urgency
Rating indicator (
). If no Urgency Rating indicator is present, please contact the
Customer Service Group at 1-800-544-6986 for further assistance.
When multiple Diagnostic Trouble Codes with conflicting Urgency Ratings
are reported, then follow the action for the highest Urgency Rating.

Erasing Diagnostic Codes

The Erase Codes function deletes the Diagnostic Trouble Codes from the vehicle's
computer modules. Erasing codes does not eliminate the problem. Over time, if
there is a real problem, the code will be set again.
Perform the Erase function only after the systems have been checked
completely and the DTCs have been documented.
The Erase function should be performed with the Key in the ON position
(not in the accessory position) and the Engine OFF. DO NOT START THE ENGINE.
To erase the diagnostic codes:
1. Locate the vehicle's Data Link Connector.
The vehicle's Data Link Connector (DLC) should be located under the dashboard on
the driver's side of the vehicle. If the DLC is not located under the dashboard, a label
describing the location of the DLC should be there.
2. Turn ignition switch to the ON position. Make sure to leave the engine OFF.
Make sure the ignition key is in the ON, not the ACCESSORY position.
3. Plug the Tool into the vehicle's DLC.
Take the OBD II connector on the Tool and plug it into the vehicle's DLC.
The Tool retrieves diagnostic codes from the vehicle's computer modules as soon as
the Tool is connected.
4. The Tool automatically establishes communication with the vehicle.
"READING" is displayed while the Tool begins communicating with the vehicle's
computer modules.
If communication fails, the Tool's display will switch (toggle) between
displaying "Link" and "Error". See Troubleshooting on page 12 for more
information on how to fix a link error.
5. The Code Summary Screen appears.
The Summary Screen appears indicating how many codes were found. You must scroll
down to view all the diagnostic codes.
If no Diagnostic Trouble Codes were found, the Tool will display "No Codes"
and point at the Green Urgency Rating.
6. Press and Hold the ERASE/Scroll Up key for 3 seconds.
A warning message appears asking you to confirm that you want to Erase the
diagnostic trouble codes.
To stop the ERASE operation and rescan the vehicle's computer modules, press the
READ/Scroll Down key.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents