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Hitachi KC120E Instruction Manual

Hitachi KC120E Instruction Manual



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Instruction Manual
DAB+/DAB/FM Clock Radio


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  • Page 1 Instruction Manual KC120E DAB+/DAB/FM Clock Radio...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Some Dos and Don’ts on the Safe Use of Equipment ......5 Safety Warnings ..................7 Unpacking ....................9 Product Overview ..................10 Front View ........................10 Top View ........................11 Rear View ........................11 Connections ....................12 Mains Power ....................... 12 Earphones ........................
  • Page 4 Recalling a Preset Station ..................20 Prune Invalid ......................21 DRC (Dynamic Range Compression) ..............21 DAB Display Modes ....................21 FM Operation .................... 23 Selecting FM Mode ....................23 Auto Scan ........................23 Manual Scan ....................... 23 Scan Setting ....................... 23 Audio Setting ......................
  • Page 5: Some Dos And Don'ts On The Safe Use Of Equipment

    SOME DOS AND DON’TS ON THE SAFE USE OF EQUIPMENT This equipment has been designed and manufactured to meet international safety standards but, like any electrical equipment, care must be taken if you are to obtain the best results and safety is to be assured.
  • Page 6 Used correctly, domestic batteries are a safe and dependable source of portable power. Problems can occur if they are misused or abused – resulting in leakage or, in extreme cases, re or explosion. Here are some simple guidelines to safe battery use designed to eliminate any such problems.
  • Page 7: Safety Warnings

    Safety Warnings Naked Flames • Read all the instructions carefully before using the unit and keep them • Never place any type of candle or for future reference. naked flame on the top of or near • Retain the manual. If you pass the the unit.
  • Page 8 • In the interests of safety and to avoid CAUTION unnecessary energy consumption, RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN never leave the unit switched on The lightning flash with while unattended for long periods of arrowhead symbol, within an time, e.g.
  • Page 9: Unpacking

    Thank you for purchasing your new product. We recommend that you spend some time reading this instruction manual so that you fully understand all the operational features it offers. You will also find some hints and tips to help you resolve any issues.
  • Page 10: Product Overview

    Product Overview Front View MODE MENU VOLUME – POWER TUNE SELECT 1. Display 4. TUNE Dial / SELECT Button • Navigates the screen and 2. MODE Dial / MENU Button adjusts certain settings. • Selects between the DAB and • Manually selects DAB FM modes.
  • Page 11: Top View

    Top View SNOOZE/DIMMER 1. SNOOZE/DIMMER Button • While alarm sounds, press to postpone. • Selects display brightness level. Rear View 1. DC Socket 3. Speaker Connects the mains cable. 4. Aerial 2. Earphones Socket...
  • Page 12: Connections

    Connections Mains Power • Connecting the unit to any other power source may damage the unit. Unwind the mains adapter cable to its full length. Connect the end of the cable to the DC Socket at the rear of the unit and then connect the mains adapter to the mains socket.
  • Page 13: Basic Operation

    Basic Operation Switching ON/OFF When you first connect the unit to the mains socket, the unit will be in Standby mode. • Press POWER to switch on the radio. • Press POWER again to switch the radio off and the unit to Standby mode.
  • Page 14: Setting The Daily Timer

    Set time/date Turn the TUNE dial to adjust the time and date, then press SELECT to confirm. Auto update Turn the TUNE dial to select Update from DAB, FM, Any or No update, then press SELECT to confirm. Set 12/24 hour Turn the TUNE dial to select 24 or 12 hour, then press SELECT to confirm.
  • Page 15: Snooze Function

    4. Turn the TUNE dial to select <Alarm Off>, then press SELECT to confirm. will disappear from the display. Snooze Function • When the alarm sounds, press SNOOZE/DIMMER to temporarily switch off the alarm. The alarm switch off time will vary according to the selected alarm duration.
  • Page 16: Displaying Backlight

    Displaying Backlight Press the SNOOZE/DIMMER button to scroll through the 3 brightness levels. Power -On • High • Low • Off Standby • High • Low • Off During standby mode, press any button to switch on the backlight for 10 seconds. Language 1.
  • Page 17: Software Version

    3. Turn the TUNE dial to select <Yes>, then press SELECT to confirm. After the factory reset, all the tuned stations, DAB & FM preset stations and alarm settings will be erased. Software Version 1. Press MENU to display the menu. 2.
  • Page 18: Dab Operation

    DAB Operation If the unit is connected to the mains power 12 00 and switched on from standby for the first Scanning... time, the unit will automatically enter into DAB mode and perform the auto scan function. During the scan the display will show “Scanning …”...
  • Page 19: Secondary Services

    Secondary Services You may see a “ ” symbol after the name of the station during tuning, this indicates that there are secondary services available to that station. These secondary services contain extra services that are related to the primary station, e.g.
  • Page 20: Presetting Stations

    Presetting Stations You can store up to 10 of your favourite DAB stations to the memory. This will enable you to access your favourite stations quickly and easily. 1. To store a preset, you must first be listening to 12 00 the station that you would like to save.
  • Page 21: Prune Invalid

    Prune Invalid You may remove all unavailable stations from the list. 12 00 1. During DAB mode, press MENU, and then turn the TUNE dial to select <Prune>. Press Prune? SELECT to confirm. <Yes> 2. Turn the TUNE dial to select <YES> to confirm delete.
  • Page 22 Ensemble This displays the name of the multiplex that contains the station you are listening to. A multiplex is a collection of radio stations that are bundled and transmitted on one frequency. There are national and local multiplexes. Local ones contain stations that are specific to that area. Frequency This displays the frequency of the present station, such as “11C 220.352MHz”.
  • Page 23: Fm Operation

    FM Operation Selecting FM Mode To switch the unit to FM mode, turn MODE repeatedly. Auto Scan To search for an FM station automatically, press SELECT to start the forward or reverse scanning. The display will show the frequency being searched. Once a station has been found, the scanning will stop automatically.
  • Page 24: Presetting Stations

    2. Turn the TUNE dial to select <Stereo allowed> or <Forced Mono>. Press SELECT to confirm. The unit will automatically switch between stereo and mono when <Stereo allowed> is selected depending on the signal strength, but you can override this and switch this function manually. This is helpful when receiving poor signal reception.
  • Page 25: Fm Display Modes

    FM Display Modes Press MENU, then turn the TUNE dial to select <Display> followed by SELECT. Turn the TUNE dial, the display will switch through the following display modes. The information of each display mode is displayed on the lower segment of the display.
  • Page 26: Hints And Tips

    Adjust the position of the aerial. If the unit is not working properly, disconnect the power source and then reconnect it. Specifications Model KC120E Power Adapter (Use only power adapter listed below) Power Adapter Manufacturer Golden Profit Electronics Ltd. Power Adapter Model...
  • Page 27 Radio Power input 500 mA Power Consumption Ecodesign Information Information Power Consumption 1.0 W (max.) on Power of Standby Mode Consumption Network Standby Power Consumption Time interval for power management function switches the unit automatically into standby Power consumption in network standby if all wireless network ports are activated How to activate wireless network port: N/A...
  • Page 28 Importer: Elkjøp, Solheimsveien 6-8, PB 153, NO 1471 Lørenskog, Norge Norge: 815 32 000 Sverige: 0771 115 115 Danmark: 70 80 70 70 Suomi: 020321321 Manufacturer: Hitachi Europe Ltd., Whitebrook Park, Lower Cookham Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 8YA U.K. IB-KC120E-GB-160615V2...

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