Connections; Mains Power; Earphones - Hitachi KC120E Instruction Manual

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Mains Power

• Connecting the unit to any
other power source may
damage the unit. Unwind the
mains adapter cable to its full
length. Connect the end of
the cable to the DC Socket at
the rear of the unit and then
connect the mains adapter to
the mains socket. Make sure the
mains adapter is firmly inserted
into the mains socket. The unit is now connected and ready to use.
• To switch the unit off completely, unplug the mains adapter from the
mains socket.


Turn down the volume before
connecting the earphones. Slowly raise
the volume with the earphones on
until you reach your desired volume.
Long-term exposure to loud music may
cause hearing damage. It is best to avoid
extreme volume when using earphones,
especially for extended periods of time.
To prevent possible hearing damage,
do not listen at high volume levels for
long periods.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents