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Options; Heat Recovery Package (Hrp); Field-Installed Accessories; Pump/Valve Relay - Bosch Greensource CDi TW Series Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Water-to-water heat pumps
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Heat Recovery Package (HRP)

The heat recovery package is a factory-installed
option on TW series heat pumps. The HRP can be
used to heat potable water during unit operation
using waste heat from the compressor discharge
gas. In some cases, the HRP can provide most or all
of the hot water requirements for a typical home
when installed in a conditioned space and no risk
for freezing water in HRP loop is present.
The HRP consists of three major components:
Double-wall, vented refrigerant-to-water heat
Circulating pump
Control circuit
The heat exchanger is rated for use with potable
water and is acceptable for use as a domestic
water heating device in most building codes.
The pump circulates water between the domestic
hot water tank and HRP heat exchanger in the Heat
Pump. The control circuit ensures that the HRP
only operates when there is available heat from the
compressor and when the water is within a safe
temperature range of below 120 deg F. When the
heat pump compressor operates, the HRP will
monitor the temperature of the discharge gas from
the compressor. Once discharge gas is hot enough
to provide useful heat to the domestic water tank,
the circulating pump will be enabled, drawing
water from the tank, through the HRP heat
exchanger and then depositing the heated water
back into the tank. If the water temperature
reaches 140 deg F, the circulating pump is
disabled to prevent over heating of the domestic
water. The HRP is provided with an on/off switch
in case the end user desires that the HRP be
inactivated (typically during the winter months
when space heating is most important).
NOTICE: If the heat recovery unit is installed
in an area where freezing may occur, the
unit must be drained during winter months
to prevent heat exchanger damage. Heat
exchanger ruptures that occur due to
freezing will void the heat recovery package
warranty along with the heat pump
8733954853 (2020/04)


Pump/Valve Relay

The field-installed pump relay can be used to
energize a supply pump or solenoid valve when
there is a call for compressor operation. This relay
can be used to switch either high- or low-voltage
Subject to change without prior notice
Greensource CDi Series TW Model
Greensource CDi Series TW Model



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