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12-in 1-out smart ac combiner box
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SmartACBox 12-In 1-Out Smart AC Combiner Box
Quick Guide
Issue: 03
Part Number: 31509103
Date: 2018-05-15


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  • Page 1 SmartACBox 12-In 1-Out Smart AC Combiner Box Quick Guide Issue: 03 Part Number: 31509103 Date: 2018-05-15 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.
  • Page 2 2. Before installing the device, carefully read the SmartACBox 12-In 1-Out Smart AC Combiner Box User Manual to get familiar with product information and precautions.
  • Page 3: Installation Preparations

    (3) Spring washer (4) M12x60 bolt The M12x60 expansion bolts and M12x40 bolt assemblies are supplied with the SmartACBox. M12x40 bolt assemblies are used for support- mounting and pole-mounting the SmartACBox. Such a bolt assembly consists of a flat washer, a spring washer, and an M12x40 bolt.
  • Page 4 1. Mark hole positions. • To prevent dust inhalation or contact with eyes, wear safety goggles and an anti- dust respirator when drilling holes. • Clean up any dust in and around the holes using a vacuum cleaner and measure the distance between holes. If the holes are inaccurately positioned, drill a new set of holes.
  • Page 5: Securing The Enclosure

    Pole-mounted Installation • To pole-mount a SmartACBox, you need to prepare pole-mounting brackets by yourself based on the SmartACBox dimensions. You are advised to use M12 U-shaped bolts to secure the pole-mounting brackets. • Figures are for reference only. The actual poles and pole-mounting brackets prevail.
  • Page 6: Installing The Router

    Installing the Router NOTE • The SmartACBox is not factory-installed with a router, so you need to purchase and install a router by yourself. • This document introduces how to install an SC-RRX230 or SC-RRX280 router produced by SUN DENSI in Japan.
  • Page 7 1P184-DP-BR0-RE Antenna 1. Remove the screw assemblies from the router tray and remove the antenna support. 2. Align the fixing holes in the antenna base with the holes in the antenna support and secure the antenna base to the antenna support using screws. The screws used for tightening are supplied M5 screw assemblies.
  • Page 8: General Operations

    Installing the Router SIM Card 1. Remove the SIM card shielding cover from the router panel. 2. Insert the SIM card. 3. Reinstall the SIM card shielding cover. Securing the Router 1. Loosen the captive screws and remove the router tray. 2.
  • Page 9: Installing Cables

    Knocking Off the Barrier Chip from a Cable Hole • Before connecting the PE cable, AC input power cable, and AC output power cable for the first time, knock off the barrier chips from the cable holes 1 and 2 for the AC input power cable and the cable hole for the AC output power cable.
  • Page 10 U02- adapter into the DC-IN port of the GE1/LAN1 connector to the WAN/LAN2 port on router. the router. NOTE The SmartACBox is factory-installed with two power adapter output terminals. Select an appropriate output terminal based on the router type.
  • Page 11 3. Connect the router antenna. • The following figure shows how to install the 1P184-DP-BR0-RE antennas. • Route router antennas through the two 3G/4G cable glands respectively and connect them to the MOBILE1 and MOBILE2 ports on the router. If there is only one antenna, route it through either one of 3G/4G cable glands and connect it to the MOBILE1 port on...
  • Page 12 Installing the Single-Phase Power Cable NOTE The power cables from the SmartACBox to the SmartLogger1000 and router have been factory- installed. If an external power source is required to power the SmartLogger1000 and router, disconnect the power cable from the JX02 terminal block, and then connect the external single- phase power cable to the JX02 terminal block.
  • Page 13 Installing the AC Input Power Cable NOTE Connect the AC input power cable from the SmartACBox to input circuit breakers QF01 to QF12. Recommended: Route the AC input power cables to input circuit breakers QF01 to QF06 through cable hole 1; route the AC input power cables to input circuit breakers QF07 to QF12 through cable hole 2.
  • Page 14 4. Connect the AC input power cable to the U, O, and W terminals on the circuit breaker, and tighten the bolts using a torque screwdriver. The right figure shows how to connect the AC input power cable to input circuit breaker QF06.
  • Page 15: Verifying The Installation

    Log in to the router management user interface (UI) and configure router network parameters. NOTE For details about how to set router network parameters, see the instructions of the router or the SmartACBox 12-In 1-Out Smart AC Combiner Box User Manual.
  • Page 16 NetEco parameters over the monitoring panel or embedded WebUI. • This section describes how to set communications parameters over the monitoring panel. For details about how to set parameters over the embedded WebUI, see the SmartACBox 12-In 1- Out Smart AC Combiner Box User Manual. •...
  • Page 17 Setting Communications Parameters On the main menu, choose Settings > Comm. Param., and set RS485, Ethernet, and NetEco parameters. NOTE • Because of permission restriction, set User Name to Advanced User. The initial password for Advanced User is 000001. • Use the initial password upon first power-on and change it immediately after login.
  • Page 18 Closing the Enclosure Door 1. Retrieve the support bar. 2. Close the monitoring compartment door and then the power compartment door. 3. Rotate the enclosure door lock to lock the door.
  • Page 19 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Huawei Industrial Base, Bantian, Longgang Shenzhen 518129 People's Republic of China

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