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Installation Procedures - Sony BKNW-26 Installation Manual

16:9 lcd kit
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1-3. Installation Procedures

1-3. Installation Procedures
Checking the DP and KY ROM version
1. Turn on the power of the VTR while pressing the
PAGE button and the F2 button, then release the
buttons after switching the display of "INITIALIZ-
2. Press the F2 button once, then press the PAGE button
three or four times. And then check the each version of
the DP and KY ROMs displayed on the sub LCD
Version 2.00 and higher
Version 2.00 and higher
When each ROM version is lower than 2.00, the
picture is not displayed properly even if the BKNW-26
is correctly installed. When updating the software is
required, contact your local Sony Sales Office/Service
Removing the DP-265/265A board
1. Turn off the power of the VTR.
2. Open the display panel, and remove the four screws
fixing the display panel.
P2.6 x 5
P2.6 x 5
1-2 (E)
Display panel
3. Close the display panel once, then remove the display
panel cover in the upper direction.
Display panel cover
4. Remove the four screws (B2 x 4).
If the following parts are attached, remove them:
1) bonding wire, 2) shield plate (A),
3) shield plate (A) assembly, 4) shield wire.
After removing the shield wire, mount only the screw
(PS3 x 10) to its original position.
B2 x 4
Shield plate (A) *
Shielding plate (A)
assembly *
(Unnecessary part)
B2 x 4
* : The parts marked by an asterisk are not used in the
units of 910 lot or later.
Bonding wire *
Shield wire *
(Unnecessary part)
PS3 x 10



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