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Sony BKNW-26 Installation Manual page 7

16:9 lcd kit
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4. Secure the DP-265 board reusing the four screws.
. Do not attach the shield plate (A) assembly and the
shield wire because they are unnecessary.
. When the shield plate and the bonding wire were
attached, reattach them.
. When the shield plate (B) is attached, secure it with
DP-265B board by the screws after sliding it in the
arrow direction.
Shield plate (A) *
DP-265B board
B2 x 4
Shield plate (B) *
* : The parts marked by an asterisk are not used in the
units of 910 lot or later.
B2 x 4
Bonding wire *
5. Reattach the display panel cover with the new screws
of the fittings.
6. Affix the WIDE seal of the supplied accessory onto
the display panel.
7. Affix the 16:9/4:3 WIDE SCREEN seal of the sup-
plied accessory onto the display panel cover.
16:9/4:3 WIDESCREEN seal
P2.6 x 5
(Supplied accessory)
P2.6 x 5
(Supplied accessory)
8. Turn on the power of the VTR, and then check that a
picture of the LCD monitor is properly displayed.
1-3. Installation Procedures
WIDE seal
1-5 (E)



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