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Sony BKS-R3219 Operation Manual

Universal control unit
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1st Edition (Revised 2)



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  • Page 1 UNIVERSAL CONTROL UNIT BKS-R3219/R1618 OPERATION MANUAL [English] 1st Edition (Revised 2)
  • Page 2 WARNING Pour les clients européens Ce produit portant la marque CE est conforme à la fois à la To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to Directive sur la compatibilité électromagnétique (EMC) (89/ rain or moisture. 336/CEE) et à...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Four Destination Control ..............10 Locations and Functions of Parts ............11 Preparations ..................... 13 Settings on the Control Terminal ............13 Preparation for the BKS-R3219 ............13 Settings by Using the Buttons (Setup Function) ........ 15 Operations ....................17 Specifications .................... 18...
  • Page 4: Overview

    You may also switch the monitor signals can have up to ten sets of combinations like this, and using the BKS-R3219/R1618 by connecting it to the monitor S-BUS remote. Source, destination, and up to 253 control units can be used in one set. The...
  • Page 5: Example Of Setting The Select Button Functions

    Connectable with a single cable Example of Setting the Select The unit can be connected to the Sony routing Button Functions switchers using a single 75-ohm coaxial cable, and can control the switchers. The select buttons can be used as either source select buttons or destination select buttons.
  • Page 6: System Connection Example

    DVS-A3232 Audio DVS-TC3232 Time Video Routing Routing Switcher Code Routing Routing switcher Switcher (S) Switcher (S) Source Video Audio Time code BKS-R1617 Level 1 Level 1 BKS-R3219 BKS-R1618 BKS-R3216 BKS-R1617 BKS-R3219 BKS-R1618 BKS-R3219 BKS-R3219 BKS-R1618 BKS-R1618 BKS-R3219 max. BKS-R1618 units BKS-R3219...
  • Page 7: Break-Away Function

    When the break-away function is used Break-away Function Different sources are used for each level. Level Source Destination When the BKS-R3216 is used in combination with the LEVEL 1 IN 11 OUT 3 BKS-R3216, different sources can be switched for LEVEL 2 IN 14 OUT 3...
  • Page 8: Use Of Multiple Control Units

    BKS-R3216 BKS-R3216 the crosspoint on switcher B (IN5-OUT2) is automatically switched. Daugh- However, when you select a source (IN1) for a BKS-R3219 BKS-R3219 BKS-R3219 destination (OUT2) on switcher A, you have to set a units phantom including IN1-OUT1 and IN5-OUT2...
  • Page 9: Phantom Function

    “DST” is automatically substituted with the connector number of the destination selected when phantom- switching. For example, if the destination is OUT005, BKS-R3219 the connector number of the destination is 015, and the EJECT REC REW PLAY F FWD STOP...
  • Page 10: Monitor Function

    LEVEL select buttons. automatically selects the source for that destination when the monitor function is ON. With the conventional system, the monitor signal is BKS-R3219 returned to the input, as shown below, to monitor the destination. STATUS...
  • Page 11: Locations And Functions Of Parts

    Locations and Functions of Parts BKS-R3219 1 STATUS button/lamp 2 MONI button/lamp Front panel STATUS MONI LOCK PROT (CHOP) BKS-R3219 4 LOCK (CHOP) button/lamp 5 Source/destination select buttons 3 PROT button/lamp BKS-R1618 1 STATUS button/lamp 2 MONI button/lamp Front panel...
  • Page 12 Locations and Functions of Parts 4 LOCK (CHOP) button/lamp Note This button has two functions: lock function and chop When the PROT lamp is lit, source switching is function. disabled. Lock function Destination selection function (lit in amber) Press and light this button in red, and the buttons on When you press a button, the output connector of the the front panel other than this button are disabled.
  • Page 13: Preparations

    Preparations Preparation for the BKS-R3219 Settings on the Control Terminal You may use up to 253 control units, including this Before switching signals with this unit, the following unit, in combination to expand the number of sources preparations should be made on the control terminal connected to the primary station of the S-BUS data and destinations, or use this unit alone.
  • Page 14 Preparations Write the name on the copied paper. Press the LOCK (CHOP) button. The set station number is registered Cut the paper to the button size as shown below. Key label indications Cut along the broken line. It is recommended to write the source, destination or level name on the labels (these are called key labels), and attach them on the source/destination select VTR 1...
  • Page 15: Settings By Using The Buttons (Setup Function)

    9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 As for the key-cap puller (part number: 3-179-054-01), consult your Sony personnel. Initializing the settings While holding down buttons 1 and 2, turn the power 1, 2 The following items are set to the factory-set conditions.
  • Page 16 9 Status display lamp-light mode 1, 2, 3 through 16 and 25 through 32 of the BKS-R3219 or 32-source (BKS-R3219) or 16-source 1, 4 buttons 9 to 16 of the BKS-R1618 function as (BKS-R1618)select mode destination select buttons.
  • Page 17: Operations

    Switcher with an optional BKDS-V3292B Monitor Board installed or the DVS-128, you may switch the Selecting a destination and source monitor signals using the BKS-R3219. Before switching signals with this unit, you should make the Press one of the destination select buttons to select signal settings at the control terminal.
  • Page 18: Specifications

    50/60 Hz Current consumption BKS-R3219: 0.25 A BKS-R1618: 0.2 A Peak inrush current (BKS-R3219) (1) Power ON, current probe method: 28 A (240 V) (2) Hot switching inrush current, measured in accordance with European standard EN55103-1: 8 A (230 V)
  • Page 19 The material contained in this manual consists of information that is the property of Sony Corporation and is intended solely for use by the purchasers of the equipment described in this manual. Sony Corporation expressly prohibits the duplication of any...
  • Page 20 Sony Corporation Communication System Solutions Network Company BKS-R3219/R1618 (WW) 2000.09 © 1999 3-203-874-23(1)

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