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Installation - Electrolux EQWP4510IK Manual

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comes on.
If you tried the above solutions and can-
not repair the problem, speak to your
dealer or the Customer Care Department.
Give the data from the rating plate, three-
digit-letter code for the glass ceramic (it is
in the corner of the cooking surface) and
an error message that comes on.


Refer to the Safety chapters.
Before the installation
Before the installation of the appliance, re-
cord the information below from the rating
plate. The rating plate is on the bottom of
the appliance casing.
• Model ...........................
• PNC .............................
• Serial number ....................
8.1 Built-in appliances
• Only use the built-in appliances after
you assemble the appliance into correct
built-in units and work surfaces that
align to the standards.
8.2 Connection cable
• The appliance is supplied with the con-
nection cable.
Possible cause
There is an error in the
appliance because a
cookware boils dry. The
overheating protection
for the cooking zones
and the Automatic
Switch Off operate.
If you operated the appliance incorrectly,
the servicing by a customer service tech-
nician or dealer will not be free of charge,
even during the warranty period. The in-
structions about the customer service and
conditions of guarantee are in the guaran-
tee booklet.
• Replace the damaged mains cable with
a special cable (type H05BB-F Tmax
90°C; or higher). Speak to your local
Service Centre.
8.3 To attach the seal.
• Clean the worktop in the area of the cut
out section.
• Bond the seal stripe supplied on the
lower edge of the appliance along the
outer edge of the glass ceramic. Do not
extend it. Let stay the cut ends in the
middle of one side. When, you cut it to
length (add some mm), push the two
ends together.
Deactivate the appliance.
Remove the hot cook-
ware. After, approximately
30 seconds, activate the
cooking zone again. If the
cookware was the prob-
lem, the error message
goes out of the display,
but the residual heat indi-
cator can stay. Let the
cookware become suffi-
ciently cool and refer to
"Cookware for the induc-
tion cooking zone" to see
if your cookware is com-
patible with the appliance.



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