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Helpful Hints And Tips - Electrolux EQWP4510IK Manual

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• Stop the hob with
Switching off the Child Safety Device
• Start the hob with
heat setting. Touch
The symbol
• Stop the hob with
Overriding the Child Safety Device for
one cooking session
• Start the hob with
comes on.
• Touch
setting in less than 10 seconds. You
can operate the hob.
• When you stop the hob with
Child Safety Device operates again.
4.9 OffSound Control
(Deactivation and activation of
the sounds)
Deactivation of the sounds
Deactivate the appliance.


Use the appliance only with origi-
nal Wok with round bottom.
Safe operation of the appliance in
accordance with EN60335 can
only be guaranteed with the wok
pan supplied with it. Cookware
with a flat bottom must not be
5.1 The wok use
• Put the wok pan into the wok niche
carefully. If used carelessly, the handle
can hit the glass-ceramic surface and
damage it.
• Do not shake the wok pan while it is in
the wok niche. The handle can scratch
or cause other damage to the glass-ce-
ramic surface.
.Do not set the
for 4 seconds.
comes on.
. The symbol
for 4 seconds. Set the heat
come on and go out. Touch
When this function operates, you can hear
the sounds only when:
• you touch
• the Minute Minder comes down
• the Count Down Timer comes down
• you put something on the control panel.
Activation of the sounds
Deactivate the appliance.
, the
come on and go out. Touch
is off. Touch
sound is on.
5.2 The noises during operation
If you can hear
• crack noise: cookware is made of dif-
ferent materials (Sandwich construc-
• whistle sound: you use the cooking
zone with high power levels and the
cookware is made of different materials
(Sandwich construction).
• humming: you use high power levels.
• clicking: electric switching occurs.
• hissing, buzzing: the fan operates.
The noises are normal and do not re-
fer to appliance malfunction.
5.3 Energy saving
How to save energy
• If it is possible, always put the lids on
the cookware.
for 3 seconds. The displays
comes on, the sound is on.
comes on, the sound is off.
for 3 seconds. The displays
comes on, because the sound
comes on. The
for 3 sec-
for 3 sec-



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