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Daily Use - Electrolux EQWP4510IK Manual

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3.4 Accessories


4.1 On and Off
4.2 Automatic Switch Off
The function deactivates the
appliance automatically if:
• All cooking zones are deactivated (
• You do not set the heat setting after
you activate the appliance.
• You spill something or put something
on the control panel for more than 10
seconds, (a pan, a cloth, etc.). An
acoustic signal sounds some time and
the appliance deactivates. Remove the
object or clean the control panel.
• The appliance becomes too hot (e.g.
when, a saucepan boils dry). Before
you use the appliance again, wait for
the cooking zone to cool down.
• You use incorrect cookware. The sym-
deactivates automatically after 2 mi-
• You do not deactivate a cooking zone
or change the heat setting. After some
deactivates. See below.
• The relation between heat setting and
times of the Automatic Switch Off func-
for 1 second to start or stop the
comes on and the cooking zone
comes on and the appliance
— 6 hours
— 5 hours
The WOK pan (supplied)
• 390 mm , 6 litre
• With 2 handles
• WOK P 6.0 stainless steel
Only use the supplied WOK pan.
— 4 hours
— 1.5 hours
4.3 The heat setting
Touch the control bar at the heat setting.
Move your finger along the control bar to
change the setting. Do not release before
you have a correct heat setting. The dis-
play shows the heat setting.
4.4 Switching the Power
function on and off
The Power function makes more power
available to the induction cooking zones.
The Power function is activated for 5 mi-
nutes at most. After that the induction
cooking zone automatically switches back
to heat setting 14. To switch on, touch
comes on. To switch off, touch a
heat setting
4.5 Timer
You can select the timer function with
The Count Down Timer
Use the Count Down Timer to set how
long the cooking zone operates for only



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