Battery Replacement - Casio CSF-4450 Service Manual & Parts Manual

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Adjusting the Display Contrast
The following procedure describes how to adjust the color contrast, which controls the relative darkness
and lightness of each color on the display.
To adjust the display contrast
1. While the desktop is on the display, press FUNC.
2. Press 1 to select SYSTEM .
3. Press
to display the second SYSTEM menu.
4. Press 1 to select CONTRAST .
Pointer (currently
selected color)
5. Use
to move the pointer to the color whose contrast you want to set.
6. Use
to adjust the contrast of the currently selected color.
• You can adjust the overall contrast of the display by pressing
• Whenever you press one of the COLOR SELECT keys, the color contrast is returned to its initial
default setting.
7. After you finish adjusting the display contrast, press OK.
• Color contrast settings are registered as soon as you make them. Because of this, pressing either
OK or ESC quits the color contrast procedure only. Pressing ESC does not return the color contrast
setting to what is was.
• Temperature changes can cause changes in background color and the tint of display colors .
• Low battery power can also cause flickering of the display and changes in the tint of display colors.


Main Battery
Before replacing the main batteries, note the following precautions:
• Do not remove the main batteries from the CSF Unit while back-up battery is removed.
• Be sure to replace both batteries at the same time, and do not use an old battery with a new one.
1. Press OFF to switch power OFF.
2. Press down at the two locations indicated by
Main battery holder
, and slide in the direction indicated by the arrow.
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