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Casio FA-127 User Manual

Casio fa-127 diary-digital-computer link: users guide
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Version 1.5
User's Guide



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  Summary of Contents for Casio FA-127

  • Page 1 FA-127 Version 1.5 User's Guide...
  • Page 2 • Never turn off CD-ROM drive power or remove the CD-ROM from the drive while a disc read operation is in progress. Important! • Keep this manual in a safe place for future reference. * Note that the term "Digital Diary" in this manual is used to indicate CASIO SF, CSF and NX models.
  • Page 3 User's Guide Personal Computer Link for Windows FA-127 from Version 1.5...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    3. Working with the FA-127 Installing the FA-127 on Your PC First Steps 3.2.1 Running the Program 3.2.2 Transmitting Data from a CASIO Digital Diary to a PC 3.2.3 Saving Data 3.2.4 Loading Data 3.2.5 Entering New Records into the Telephone Directory 3.2.6...
  • Page 5: General Comments

    Here is a simple example of how you can use the FA-127 in the day-to-day running of your office: during the day you may be out collecting information on your CASIO Digital Diary, new customers' addresses, for example.
  • Page 6: List Of Symbols

    To make the FA-127 more convenient, the user interface of the program automatically adjusts itself to the CASIO model you have specified. As we do not want to confuse you with the functions of other CASIO models, the FA-127 only offers you the functions that are available on your own Digital Diary.
  • Page 7: Linking The Casio Digital Diary To Your Pc

    2.1 Connecting the Interface Cable Beware: Before linking your CASIO Digital Diary to your PC using the interface cable, make sure they are both turned off, as you might otherwise damage the units or the cable. 2.1.1 Connecting the Cable to Your PC Insert the cable into your PC's serial port (RS-232C), called COM1, COM2, COM3 or COM4.
  • Page 8: Connecting The Cable To Your Casio Digital Diary

    First make sure Your CASIO Digital Diary is off ! Having turned off your Digital Diary, insert the cable into the data communications jack on the right or left-hand side of the Digital Diary (see CASIO Manual). Remove the cover from the jack, so that it becomes accessible.
  • Page 9: Working With The Fa-127

    Chapter 3 – Working with the FA-127 3.1 Installing the FA-127 on Your PC Start Windows and insert CD-ROM of the FA-127 into a drive of your PC. Select Run from the Start menu, and in the dialog box that appears, enter "d:\setup"...
  • Page 10: Running The Program

    3.2.1 Running the Program Once the program has been correctly installed, you can run it with the mouse in the usual way. Open the group called "FA-127" in Program Manager, and double click on the program of the same name.
  • Page 11 The Calendar The structure of the FA-127 Calendar is similar to that of the CASIO Digital Diary. When you change over to the Appointments or Schedule area, the Calendar always displays the current month. The current date is framed, the selected date has a coloured back- ground, and marked dates are shown in bold or coloured characters.
  • Page 12: Transmitting Data From A Casio Digital Diary To A Pc

    3.2.2 Transmitting Data from a CASIO Digital Diary to a PC In this example we want to transmit the entire content of your CASIO Digital Diary to your PC and then save it to disk. If you have not done so yet, link up the two units with the cable, as described in Chapter 2.
  • Page 13 Data Transmission Preparations for transmission are now concluded. From the 'Casio' menu choose 'Receive From Casio...' As we want to transmit all the available database areas, click on the [All] button in the right-hand section of the dialog box.
  • Page 14: Saving Data

    Unless otherwise specified, the FA-127 automatically adds the extension ".twf". We rec- ommend that you do not enter an extension, unless you specifically want to use some other extension. The FA-127 will respect your decision, though we do suggest that you only use ".twf".
  • Page 15: Entering New Records Into The Telephone Directory

    Appendix B of this manual. The input window is structured like the one on the CASIO Digital Diary, with the fields Name, Phone, Address and MEMO. To move around from one field to another, press <Tab>...
  • Page 16 and the Editor Window is closed. The two new records are listed underneath one an- other in the List Window. Note: The menu item 'Exit Editor' has the effect of saving the current record to your computer's memory, but not to disk. To save your data to disk, choose 'File': 'Save' or 'Save As...'.
  • Page 17: Entering New Appointment Items

    Drag & Drop with Data Files from the File Manager In the Windows File Manager, select one or more the FA-127 files (normally with the extension ".twf") and drag them onto the FA-127 program window or icon. They are automatically loaded by the program.
  • Page 18: Deleting Certain Records

    3.2.9 Transmitting Data from a PC to a CASIO Digital Diary After editing data on the PC you now want to send it to your CASIO Digital Diary. We assume that the cable has been connected to the two units. If not, link them up as described in Chapter 2.
  • Page 19: Working With Secret Data

    . If transmission is aborted on one unit, the other unit automati- cally stops, too. Note that once data has been received by the CASIO Digital Diary, it is appended to the existing records. Doubles are not normally automatically erased, though some Digital Diaries (such as the SF-M10, SF-R10 and SF-R20) do recognize them in certain areas and reject them.
  • Page 20: Data Import And Export

    In order to export the FA-127 fields to other programs in a particular order, you must specify a list of the fields to be exported and not exported.
  • Page 21: Calling Up The Spreadsheet Transmission Program

    Therefore, first of all save the required data in another program in one of the data formats, then choose the data field in the FA-127 to which the data should be imported and to actually transfer the data, select 'Import...' from the 'File' menu.
  • Page 22: How To Use Online Help

    Chapter 4 – How to Use Online Help The Online Help System will enable you to use the program more efficiently within a very short time. After reading this manual you will have learnt the most fundamental basics of the program. Stage two will be to extend your knowledge step by step with the Online Help System as your most important source of information.
  • Page 23: How To Find Certain Help Topics

    This overview is also accessible from the [Contents] button of the toolbar in the Help window. To choose a topic, click on the relevant picture with the mouse or press <Tab> followed by <Enter>. This opens up a list of subtopics. The text also contains key words with detailed help that can be viewed with a mouse click or <Tab>...
  • Page 24: Appendix A - Keyboard Assignment

    Appendix A – Keyboard Assignment When we wrote the FA-127, we made sure that it conformed as much as possible with existing Windows applications. Our keyboard assignment therefore follows standard Windows conventions. The following list shows all the control keys we have implemented.
  • Page 25 2. Keyboard Assignment in the Editor The Editor uses similar keyboard conventions as other well-known editors, so that it will not take you long to get used to it. • General Functions Control + N Control + Enter Control + Z Control + X Control + C Control + V...
  • Page 26 • Marking Text Shift + Shift + Shift + Shift + Shift + PgUp Shift + PgDn Shift + Home Shift + End Shift + Control + Shift + Control + Shift + Control + Home Mark text as far as beginning of current field Shift + Control + End 3.
  • Page 27: Appendix B - The Toolbars

    This button is the same as the menu item 'Casio': 'Receive From Casio'. Click here to receive data from the CASIO Digital Diary. This button is the same as the menu item 'Casio': 'Send To Casio'. Click here to send data to the CASIO Digital Diary.
  • Page 28 This button is the same as the menu item 'Help': 'Contents'. Click here to call up the Help Topic Overview for the FA-127. This button is the same as the menu item 'Help': 'Direct Help'. Click here to obtain context-sensitive help.
  • Page 29: Appendix C - Special Features Of The Various Digital Diaries

    Appendix C – Special Features of the Various Digital Diaries This section lists the special features of the various Digital Diaries as well as their key combinations required to access certain menus. Please note that area key. The models SF-4300, SF-4300A, SF-4600, SF-5100 and SF-5300 Special features: Data transmission only works at 2400 Baud.
  • Page 30 The models SF-M10, SF-R10 and SF-R20 Special features: Doubles (i.e. identical existing records) are automatically eliminated during transmis- sion. Transmission Parameters Send Mode Receive Mode The models SF-7900/7900E and SF-8900 Transmission Parameters Send Mode Receive Mode The models CSF-4450/4450A/4650/4650A/4950/4950A/4970A/5350/5550/ 5750/7950 and CSF-8950 Transmission Parameters Send Mode Receive Mode...
  • Page 31: Important Notes

    We strongly recommend making several copies of all important data, preferably also in the form of print-outs, and to store these in different places. Under certain conditions data can be lost or changed in virtually any transmission cable and on nearly all elec- tronic storage media.