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Toshiba E3 Specifications page 6

Toshiba adjustable speed drive specification sheet
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9) Motor Overload Ratio
10) Drive Overload Ratio
11) DBR Overload Ratio
12) Input Power
13) Output Power
14) RR Input Value
15) Peak Load Current
16) Peak Input Voltage
17) Kilowatt Hours
18) Megawatt Hours
B. The drive shall have 320 programmable parameters, which can be changed, while
the drive is in run mode.
C. The drive's 353 parameters shall be adjustable from the 8 key touchpad or
computer link.
D. The drive shall be controlled through Palm-Pilot software.
E. The drive's 11 key touchpad shall be NEMA 12 rated.
F. The drive's keypad shall be capable of being extended 15 feet from the drive.
G. The drive shall contain a reset of all parameters to factory default settings or user
defaults (whichever one is chosen).
H. The drive shall have an elapsed time meter and will save the past four faults in
2.8 Optional features
A. 12-pulse diode rectification for maximum harmonics attenuation shall be
available for 460V drives 25HP through 100HP.
B. Pneumatic interface (3-15psi) transducers are available upon request.
C. Isolated input and output transducers are available upon request.
D. All drives regardless of size/voltage should have isolated bypass capability as an
available option.
E. 600V, E3 drives are also available from 5HP to 125HP. The ratings shall be
540V-660V/60 Hz for 600V models.
Communication options to include:
1) Metasys, N2 Interface
2) Landis-Steaffa, P1 Interface
3) RS485
4) Modbus RTU
5) Modbus+
6) Devicenet
8) Profibus DP
9) Lonworks