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Toshiba E3 Specifications page 3

Toshiba adjustable speed drive specification sheet
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M. The drive shall have an adjustable retry function after a fault. Both number of
attempts (at least 10) and time between (1-10 sec).
N. The drive shall have an adjustable output short circuit detection selection for
standard motor and high-speed motors (very low inductance).
O. The drive shall have two programmable: volt per hertz patterns, maximum output
frequencies, electronic thermal protection settings, stall protections, base
frequencies, voltage boosts, and stall protection selections which can be chosen
while running to run motor A or motor B.
P. The drive shall have an analog input filter adjustment to limit the effects of noise
on the control signal.
Q. The drive shall permit switching between local/remote operation as well as
manual/auto "on the fly."
R. The drive shall have the ability to ignore run commands until a "dampers open"
signal is received. In the event a "dampers open" signal is absent the drive shall
be capable providing a "close damper" signal. Upon receipt of "drive stop" signal
The ASD shall be capable of providing a close damper signal.
S. The drive shall be provided with "anti-windmilling" or "motor shaft stationary
T. The drive shall have the following user selectable contingencies in the event of
loss of analog control signal while the drive is running before loss:
i. Run at the user set lower frequency limit.
ii. Run at the user set upper frequency limit.
iii. Trip with a signal loss fault.
iv. Run at user-selected percentage of the last valid frequency signal.
2.4 Operational Functions
A. The drive shall contain two separate acceleration/deceleration times with auto
tuning for optimum setting (0.1 to 6000 seconds) with choice of linear, S, or C
B. The drive shall be equipped with both local/remote and manual/auto keys on
touch pad.
C. The drive shall be equipped with a quick setup key with 18 most frequently
parameters in a HVAC type application.
D. The drive shall contain fifteen preset speeds, which can be activated from the
keypad, terminal inputs, and host computer.
E. The drive shall have the capability of storable special custom user setting.
F. The drive shall restart into a rotating motor operating in either the forward or
reverse direction and match that frequency.
G. The drive shall have adjustable soft stall (10% - 150%) which reduces frequency
and voltage of the inverter to sustain a run in an overload situation.
H. The drive shall be capable of performing a time base pattern run using 4 groups of
8 patterns each using the 15 preset speed values for a maximum of 32 different