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Toshiba E3 Specifications page 5

Toshiba adjustable speed drive specification sheet
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3) Over current during normal run trip
4) Over current on the DC Bus during acceleration trip
5) Over current on the DC Bus during deceleration trip
6) Over current on the DC Bus during normal run trip
7) Load end over current trip detected at start-up (output terminals, motor
wiring, etc.)
8) U-phase short circuit trip detected at start-up
9) V-phase short circuit trip detected at start-up
10) W-phase short circuit trip detected at start-up
11) Overvoltage during acceleration trip
12) Overvoltage during deceleration trip
13) Overvoltage during normal (constant speed) run trip
14) Inverter overloaded trip
15) Motor overloaded trip
16) Inverter overheat trip
17) Emergency off trip message.
18) EEPROM failure during write cycle
19) EEPROM abnormality during initial reading
20) RAM error
21) ROM error
22) CPU error
23) Communication interruption error
24) Gate array error
25) Output current detection circuit error
26) Option PCB error trip
27) Low operating current trip
28) Main circuit under voltage trip
29) Over torque trip
30) Software detected earth fault trip
31) Hardware detected earth fault trip
32) Inverter type form mismatch error
33) EEPROM type form mismatch error
2.7 Operating Panel and Monitor Functions
A. The drive digital display shall be capable of monitoring the following 18
1) Post Compensation Output Frequency
2) Frequency Command Setting
3) Output Current
4) Input Voltage
5) Output Voltage
6) Torque Current
7) Excitation Current
8) PID Feedback Value