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Toshiba E3 Specifications page 4

Toshiba adjustable speed drive specification sheet
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I. The drive shall have adjustable UL listed electronic overload protection (10% -
J. The drive shall have a custom programmable volt/hertz pattern.
2.5 Input / Output Capabilities
A. The drive shall accept the following frequency commands signals:
1) 3kΩ potentiometer (1kΩ to 10KΩ potentiometer connection also
2) 0 to 10 Vdc (Input impedance Zin:33kΩ)
3) 0 to ± 10 Vdc (Zin:67kΩ),
4) 0 to ± 5 Vdc (Zin:34kΩ)
5) to 20mA (Zin:500Ω),
6) 15 Preset speeds
7) Motorized speed pot.
B. The drive shall have 2 programmable analog outputs programmable to 17 choices.
C. The drive shall have 1 programmable relay output programmable to 67 choices.
D. The drive shall have 8 programmable digital inputs programmable to 54 choices.
E. The drive shall have a pulse train output proportional to frequency (48,96,360
times frequency).
2.6 Protective Features
A. The drive shall contain three critical frequency jump points with individual
B. The drive shall be UL rated for 200,000 AIC without the use of input fuses.
C. All drives 460V, 25HP and above shall be equipped with a 3% impedance DC
D. The drive shall have external fault input.
E. The drive shall be capable of re-setting faults remotely and locally.
F. The drive shall be programmable to alert the following alarms:
1) Over torque alarm,
2) Inverter overload pre-alarm
3) Motor overload pre-alarm
4) Braking resistor overload pre-alarm
5) Inverter overheat pre-alarm
6) Undercurrent alarm
7) Over current pre-alarm
8) Communication error alarm
9) Cumulative timer alarm
10) Executing retry
G. The drive shall identify and display the following 33 faults:
1) Over current during acceleration trip
2) Over current during deceleration trip