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Starting Operation With Video Function; Maintenance; General; One Man Revision - Honeywell MB-Secure 1000 Installation Instructions Manual

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The connection between the control panel and the PC/laptop is created via Ethernet. A crosslink cable
(direct connection) can be used, or the control panel and PC are on a network.
Launch IQ PanelControl on the PC/laptop and carry out the programming.
You can find detailed information on programming with IQ PanelControl in the user manual
"IQ PanelControl for MB-Secure".

Starting operation with video function

As of software version IQ Control Panel V04.4X and panel firmware V04.4X and the appropriate license Video
Integration IP (item no. 059810) IP cameras can save records to the control panel. As data storage for this an
USB flash drive has to be used, which is plugged into the USB master port on the MB-Secure connection PCB.
We recommend using a USB flash drive with 32GB.
The used USB flash drive must be formatted in the USB port of the MB-Secure connection PCB
via the Service-Interface.
While formatting is in progress, this is displayed in the Service-Interface. After formatting the
standard view "USB" is displayed again.
Connect the USB stick to the USB port of the control panel connection PCB or remove it from
there only in de-energized state. Alternatively, the USB stick can be enabled via the service
interface (Button "Unmount") before removing it.




The control panel must be maintained in accordance with the appropriate guidelines. Maintenance is required at
least once a year. We recommend maintenance in accordance with VDE 0833. This alone will ensure
operational readiness of the system.

One man revision

In preparation.

Walk test

The walk test mode of the detector is enabled by activating the "Walk test" input on the detector. Access to the
walk test mode is possible via the LED operating unit 013000/LCD operating unit 013001 (relevant programmed
key) as well as the graphic operating unit 013002.
This function activates an output which was defined at "Main zones->Walk test->...".
Operating unit 013000/013001:
Operating unit 013002:

Calling-up event memory

Event memory with time with up to 30000 events.
Can be displayed on graphic operating unit 013002. The event memory can also be displayed or printed using
the IQ PanelControl programming software.
According to the European standard, an additional event log has to be configured, in which up to 500
EN-50131 relevant events can be stored. The event log can be displayed using the graphical operating
unit 013002. This event log is located in the non-volatile memory area.
Installation Instructions MB-Secure 1000/2000/3000/4000/5000/6000
Press programmed key.
Other functions → Test → Start walk test



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