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Honeywell MB-Secure 1000 Installation Instructions Manual page 4

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Symbols used in this documentation:
Warning sign
Indicates danger for man and/or machine. If this is not heeded, man and/or machine may be at risk.
The level of hazard is indicated by the warning word:
Risk of damage to material properties and the environment.
Potential danger which may cause slight or medium injury or substantial damage to material properties.
Potential danger which may cause serious injuries or even mortal injuries.
Indicates important information on a particular topic, a procedure
and other important information.
Indicates important information for installation.
Notes on programming/installation in accordance with VdS guidelines.
Notes concerning European standards.
Safety instructions
Please read these instructions carefully and thoroughly before you install the intruder alarm control
panel and switch the power on. They contain important notes on installation, programming and
The control panel is produced using the latest technology. Operate the control panel only
in accordance with the instructions and
when it is technically perfect and has been correctly installed in accordance with the specifications.
The manufacturer is not liable for damage caused by incorrect use.
Keep the accompanying documents and system-specific notes in a safe place.
Installation, programming and maintenance/repair work may only be carried out by authorized specialist
Soldering work should be carried out solely with a temperature-controlled soldering iron which is
electrically insulated from the mains.
Both VDE safety regulations and the regulations of the local electricity supplier should be heeded.
The system must not be used in environments with explosion hazards or in rooms with vapors
capable of damaging metal or plastics.
All soldering and connection work inside the system must be performed only when the unit is in
a voltage-free state.
Installation Instructions MB-Secure 1000/2000/3000/4000/5000/6000



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