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Pick Up Your Rc9800I And Take A Good Look; On And Off; First-Time Power On; Everyday Use - Philips RC9800I/05 User Manual

Home entertainment touch screen remote control
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Pick Up Your RC9800i and Take a Good Look

Congratulations on the purchase of your new RC9800i Touch Screen Remote Control!
This device is a "must have" if you want to enjoy a real state-of-the-art home
entertainment experience. You will see that using the RC9800i is very easy.
Before going into details, let's first have a look at the RC9800i itself.
In this chapter you will get acquainted with the various elements of the RC9800i.
You will learn:
how to turn the RC9800i on and off;
how to operate the touch screen;
how to use the hard keys;
how to charge the device by means of a cradle;
the purpose and use of the USB connector.
Note You must set up your RC9800i before you actually can use it to control other devices.
This set-up procedure is explained later on in this manual.

On and Off

First-Time Power On

The first time you use your RC9800i,
you switch it on with the On/Off
Switch by means of a pointed object,
e.g. tip of a pen. The On/Off Switch is
located at the bottom of the RC9800i.
Note The first time you activate your RC9800i, an initial setup wizard appears. This
wizard will assist you in setting up your RC9800i. You must go through this initial setup
before you actually can use the RC9800i to control other devices.
Before you proceed, we advise you to fully charge your RC9800i. See page 8 for more
information on how to charge the device.

Everyday Use

During normal everyday use, the RC9800i will automatically go into standby mode
when it isn't being used. Since you can leave the RC9800i on all the time, you don't
need to switch the RC9800i off with the On/Off Switch. Leaving your device on also
gives you the advantage of not having to wait for the device to start up.
To wake up the RC9800i from standby mode, simply tap the touch screen.
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