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Cleaning Before Use; Before Using Your Unit - Kenwood KSBSDIX16 Installation Instructions Manual

American style fridge freezer with water and ice dispenser
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Remove the 2 clips from the water filter then pull out the 2 stoppers.
Fully insert the water hoses into the water-in and water-out ends of the
filter. Then re-attach the 2 clips, making sure each clip locks the water
hose firmly.
3. To connect to the water tap, screw the adaptor to the
water tap outlet. Then connect the water hose that is
connected to the water-in end of the water filter.
4. Open the water tap to flush the new water filter. In
case the water colour is darkish, it is normal for first
use. Continue flushing until the water colour becomes
5. After the water colour becomes normal, connect to
the unit. Attach the one end of the adaptor to the
unit's water hose, then connect the water hose that is
connected to the water-out end of the water filter into the other end of the adaptor.
It is important to connect the water hoses correctly to the water-in and water-out end
of the water filter.
6. After installation is completed, dispense several glasses of water before use.
• Do not bend the water hoses.
• Do not put heavy things on top of the water hoses.
• After installation is completed, turn on the water tap. Check and make sure there is no
leakage in every connection points.

cleaning before use

Wipe the inside of the unit with a weak solution of bicarbonate soda. Then rinse with warm water
using a sponge or cloth. Wipe completely dry before replacing the drawers. Clean the exterior of
the unit with a damp cloth.
If you require more information refer to the Cleaning section.
• Before Plugging in YOU MUST
Check that you have a socket which is compatible with the plug supplied with the unit.
• Before Turning On!
Do not turn on until two hours after moving the unit. The coolant fluid needs time to

before using your unit

before placing any food in your unit, turn it on and wait for 24 hours, to make sure it is working
properly and to allow it time to fall to the correct temperature. Your unit should not be overfilled.
Water Filter
water out
water in

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