Kenwood KIF60W14 Installation Instructions Manual

Kenwood KIF60W14 Installation Instructions Manual

Built-in 60cm white undercounter freezer


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  • Page 1 BUILT-IN 60CM WHITE UNDERCOUNTER FREEZER KIF60W14 installation / instructions manual...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents safety warnings ........................4 unpacking ..........................6 installation ........................... 7 location ..........................7 levelling the unit ....................... 7 free space requirements ....................7 reversing the door swing ....................8 height regulation ......................10 installation of the unit under the worktop ............... 10 fastening the unit under the worktop ................11 mounting the kitchen cabinet door .................11 cleaning before use .......................
  • Page 4: Safety Warnings

    safety warnings For your continued safety and to reduce the risk of injury or electric shock, please follow all the safety precautions listed below. • Read all instructions carefully before using the unit and keep them for future reference. • Retain the manual. If you pass the unit onto a third party, make sure to include this manual.
  • Page 5 • Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the unit. • If your unit is fitted with a lock to prevent children being trapped inside, keep the key out of reach and not in the vicinity of the unit. • Do not store volatile or flammable substances, such as aerosol cans with a flammable propellant, in the unit.
  • Page 6: Unpacking

    Thank you for purchasing your new Kenwood Freezer. These operating instructions will help you use it properly and safely. We recommend that you spend some time reading this installation/instruction manual in order that you fully understand all the operational features it offers.
  • Page 7: Installation

    installation installation location When selecting a position for your unit you should make sure the floor is flat and firm, and the room is well ventilated with an average room temperature of between 16°C and 38°C. Avoid locating your unit near a heat source, e.g. cooker, boiler or radiator. Also avoid direct sunlight as it may increase the electrical consumption.
  • Page 8: Reversing The Door Swing

    installation reversing the door swing tools required: Philips style screwdriver / Flat bladed screwdriver / Hexagonal spanner • Ensure the unit is unplugged and empty. • To take the door off it is necessary to tilt the unit backwards. you should rest the unit on something solid, e.g.
  • Page 9 installation 4. Remove the door while supporting the bottom of the door. Be careful with the hinges. 5. With the hinges open, undo the screws holding them to the cabinet. Be careful with the hinges, use a long shafted screwdriver if you have one.
  • Page 10: Height Regulation

    installation 8. With the door closed, check that the door is aligned horizontally and vertically and that the seals are closed on all sides before finally tightening the bottom hinge. Re-adjust the levelling feet as needed. height regulation min 580 825 - 870 825 = 100 - 170 870 = 180 - 250...
  • Page 11: Fastening The Unit Under The Worktop

    installation fastening the unit under the worktop screw the unit to the worktop using the screws provided (3 x sT4.2 screws). Remember to drill the holes. mounting the kitchen cabinet door 1. Fit both the double threaded bolts to the top of the fridge door. Leave a gap of 2mm between the double threaded bolt and the top of the fridge door.
  • Page 12 installation 3. Fit the upper connecting blocks after drilling holes. screw Upper Connecting Block Aesthetic Door 4. Fit the lower connecting blocks to the bottom of the fridge door. Fridge Door Lower Connecting Block Bolt 5. Hang the aesthetic door onto the fridge door.
  • Page 13 installation 7. Once alignment is achieved , fit the domed headed nuts. Domed Headed Nuts Aesthetic Door Fridge Door Cover 8. Fit the covers at the top of the domed headed nuts. Fridge Door 9. Insert the washers, if the thickness of the Washer aesthetic door is between 15-18mm.
  • Page 14: Cleaning Before Use

    installation cleaning before use Wipe the inside of the unit with a weak solution of bicarbonate soda. Then rinse with warm water using a sponge or cloth. Wipe completely dry before replacing the drawers. Clean the exterior of the unit with a damp cloth. If you require more information refer to the Cleaning section.
  • Page 15: Product Overview

    product overview main unit Freezer Drawer Wire shelf Control Panel Alarm Power Super Super Freeze Cold Colder Levelling feet Ice Tray control panel Alarm Power Super Super Freeze Cold Colder 4. Power Indicator: Illuminate when there is 1. Thermostat Control Dial electrical power supply 2.
  • Page 16: Operation

    operation switching on your unit 1. Connect the mains cable to the mains socket. The internal temperature of your unit is controlled by a thermostat. There are four settings, of which position Colder is the coldest and position Off turns the unit off.
  • Page 17: Noises Inside The Unit

    noises inside the unit! you may notice that your unit makes some unusual noises. Most of these are perfectly normal, but you should be aware of them! These noises are caused by the circulation of the refrigerant liquid in the cooling system. It has become more pronounced since the introduction of CFC free gases.
  • Page 18: Defrosting Frozen Food

    defrosting frozen food 1. Take the frozen food out from the unit and uncover the frozen food. Let it defrost at room temperature. Don’t forget that defrosting in a warm area encourages the growth of bacteria and low temperature cooking may not destroy dangerous bacteria. 2.
  • Page 19: Cleaning

    cleaning defrosting Frost might build up in the unit after it has been used for a period of time. scrape away the frost using a plastic scraper (not included). Do not use a metal or sharp instrument to scrape away the frost, nor should you use any electrical appliances to aid defrosting.
  • Page 20: Maintenance

    maintenance care when handling / moving your unit Hold the unit around its sides or base when moving it. Under no circumstances should it be lifted by holding the edges of the top surface. servicing The unit should be serviced by an authorised engineer and only genuine spare parts should be used.
  • Page 21: Specification

    Model KIF60W14 Frozen Food Storage Volume Storage Temperature ≤ -18°C Energy Consumption 0.493 kWh / 24h Energy consumption 180 kwh per year, based on standard test results for 24 hours. Actual energy consumption will depend on how the appliance is used and where it is located.
  • Page 24 DsG Retail Limited is responsible for after sales service. If you have a query about the product please contact our product support line 0844 561 6263 (Currys). DsG Retail Ltd. (co. no. 504877) Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, Herts., HP2 7TG, UK IB-KIF60W14-140625v2...

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