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Maintenance Procedures for the Cisco 7513, Cisco 7513-MX, and Cisco 7576
Figure 7-16
Place the CI in an antistatic bag.
Step 5
This completes the CI removal procedure.
Use the following procedure to replace the CI:
Attach an ESD-preventive strap between you and an unpainted chassis surface.
Step 1
Position the CI in the orientation shown in
Step 2
Figure 7-16
holes in the corners of the board with the four standoffs.
Access to the backplane socket is partially blocked by a chassis panel. Two of the screws are below this
panel and two are above it. To avoid damaging CI components when you install the CI, do not hit the CI
against the chassis panel.
Place your fingers around the edges of the CI and carefully guide it over the chassis panel (see
Step 3
Figure 7-15
straight in toward the backplane until the CI connector is fully seated in the backplane socket and the
standoff screw holes are aligned with the standoffs. It might be necessary to rock the connectors gently
into place.
Step 4
Install the four Phillips screws that secure the CI and gently tighten them. Do not overtighten these
Cisco 7500 Series Installation and Configuration Guide
Removing and Replacing the Cisco 7576 CI (Cutaway View)
for the Cisco 7576. Position the CI over the backplane connector and align the four standoff
for the Cisco 7513 and Cisco 7513-MX, and
Chapter 7
Maintaining Your Cisco 7513, Cisco 7513-MX, and Cisco 7576 Router
Chassis interface
standoffs (4)
Figure 7-15
for the Cisco 7513 and Cisco 7513-MX, and
Figure 7-16
for the Cisco 7576), and push it
OL-5008-03 B0


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