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Maintenance Procedures for the Cisco 7513, Cisco 7513-MX, and Cisco 7576
Figure 7-14
Dual arbiters
When you view the rear of the card cage, the dual arbiter and chassis interface on the right side are used
with router A, and the dual arbiter and chassis interface on the left side are used with router B.
The following procedure assumes you have already removed the chassis cover panels and backplane
maintenance cover. If not, see the appropriate procedures in this chapter to remove these items. Replace
the CI only if it fails.
The following procedures apply to the Cisco 7513, Cisco 7513-MX, and Cisco 7576. The only difference
is that the Cisco 7576 has two CIs on the backplane, as shown in
with a Cisco 7576, determine which CI has failed, and replace only the failed CI.
Use the following procedure to remove the CI:
Turn off the power switch on each power supply and disconnect the power cable from each power source
Step 1
and power supply.
Attach an ESD-preventive strap between you and an unpainted chassis surface.
Step 2
The CI is held in place by a connector, which is connected to the backplane, and four screws. Use a
Step 3
number 1 Phillips screwdriver to remove the four screws.
Access to the CI is partially blocked by a chassis panel. (See
7513-MX and
it. To avoid damaging CI components, do not hit the CI against the chassis panel.
Cisco 7500 Series Installation and Configuration Guide
Chapter 7
Location of the CIs with Maintenance Cover Removed (Cisco 7576 shown)
Figure 7-14
for the Cisco 7576.) Two of the screws are below this panel, and two are above
Maintaining Your Cisco 7513, Cisco 7513-MX, and Cisco 7576 Router
7-14. If you have a CI problem
Figure 7-13
for the Cisco 7513 and Cisco
OL-5008-03 B0


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