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Connect Wires; Install The Car Audio - Philips CID2680/93 Quick Start Manual

Philips car entertainment system cid2680
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Install the car audio

These instructions are for a typical installation.
However, if your car has different requirements,
make the corresponding adjustment. If you have
any questions regarding installation kits, consult your
Philips car audio dealer.
This unit is designed for negative ground
(earth) 12 V DC operation only.
Always install this unit in the car dashboard.
Other locations can be dangerous as the rear
of the unit heats up during use.
To avoid short-circuit: before you connect,
ensure that the ignition is off.
Ensure that you connect the yellow and red
power supply leads after all other leads are
Ensure that all loose leads are insulated with
electrical tape.
Ensure that the leads do not get caught under
screws orin parts that will move (e.g. seat rail).
Ensure that all ground (earth) leads are run to
a common ground (earth) point.
Use only the supplied mounting hardware for
a safe and secure installation.
Improper fuses can cause damage or fire.
When you need to change the fuse, consult a
Note on the power supply lead (yellow)
When you connect other devices to this
system, ensure that the rating of the car
circuit is higher than the total fuse value of all
the connected devices.
Notes on speaker connection
Never connect speaker wires to the metal
body or chassis of the car.
Never connect speaker wires with stripes to
one another.

Connect wires

Ensure that all loose leads are insulated with
electrical tape.
Check the car's wiring carefully, then connect
them to the two supplied ISO wires.
Connect to
Brown wire
Telephone mute
Red wire
The +12V power terminal
which is live in the
accessory (ACC) position
of the ignition switch
If there is no accessory
position, connect to the
+12V car battery terminal
that is always live. Be sure
to connect the black ground
(earth) lead to a metal
surface of the car first.
Orange wire Illumination switch
Black wire
A metal surface of the car
First connect the black
ground (earth) lead, then
connect the yellow and red
power supply leads.
Yellow wire
The +12V car battery which
is live at all times.
Blue wire
The electric antenna control
lead or power supply lead
of the antenna booster
If there is no electric antenna
or antenna booster, or it is
manually operated telescopic
antenna, it is not necessary
to connect this lead.
Green and
Left speaker (Rear)



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