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Glossary - Philips BDP7500S2/12 User Manual

Philips 7000 series blu-ray disc player 3d playback wi-fi-ready silver aluminium
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DivX video files cannot be played.
Ensure that the DivX video file is complete.
Ensure that the file name extension is correct.
The contents of the USB flash drive cannot be
The USB flash drive format is not compatible
with this product.
Maximum size of memory supported is
'No entry' or 'x' sign appears on the TV.
The operation is not possible.
EasyLink feature does not work.
Ensure that this product is connected to the
Philips brand EasyLink TV and the[EasyLink]in
the menu is set to [On].
Unable to access BD-Live feature.
Check the network connection or ensure that
the network has been set up.
Clear local storage, internal memory (if any)
or USB.
Ensure that the BD disc supports BD Live
Wireless network is not found or distorted.
Microwave ovens, Dect phones or other
wireless devices in your neighborhood might
disturb the wireless network.
Make sure that the firewalls in your network
allow access to the wireless connection of this
If the wireless network does not work
properly in your home, try the wired network
connection (see "Get started" > "Set up a
Net TV does not work.
Check the router connection (refer to the user
manual for the router).
Browse PC works slowly.
Look in your wireless router's user manual for
information on indoor range, transfer rate and
other factors of signal quality.
You need a high speed connection for your router.

9 Glossary

Aspect ratio
Aspect ratio refers to the width to height ratio of
TV screens. The ratio of a standard TV is 4:3, while
the ratio of a high-definition or wide TV is 16:9.
The letter box allows you to enjoy a picture with a
wider perspective on a standard 4:3 screen.
AVCHD is a format (standard) for high definition
video cameras that can be used to record and play
high-resolution HD images.
Blu-ray Disc (BD)
Blu-ray Disc is a next generation optical video
disc capable of storing five times more data than
a conventional DVD. The large capacity makes it
possible to benefit from the features such as high-
definition videos, multichannel surround sound,
interactive menus and so on.
BonusView, also known as "Profile 1.1". In
addition to basic playback and interactive features,
BonusView players introduced after 31st October,
2007 enables users to enjoy 'Picture-in-Picture'
(PiP) and secondary audio features (useful
when playing games that use additional audio
stream while the movie is playing) on compatible
BonusView discs.
Digital Audio
Digital Audio is a sound signal that has been
converted into numerical values. Digital sound can
be transmitted through multiple channels. Analogue
sound can only be transmitted through two channels.
DivX Video-On-Demand
This DivX Certified
device must be registered
in order to play DivX Video-on-Demand (VOD)
content. To generate the registration code, locate
the DivX VOD section in your device setup menu.
Go to with this code to complete the
registration process and learn more about DivX

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