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Browse Net Tv - Philips BDP7500S2/12 User Manual

Philips 7000 series blu-ray disc player 3d playback wi-fi-ready silver aluminium
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Media files may not be played properly, or play function
may be limited.
During files play, an image frame may drop or sound may
skip, depending on the performance of the media server
and the network environment.

Browse Net TV

Connect this product to the Internet to access the
Net TV online service, such as movies, pictures, music
infotainment. You can enjoy Net TV on your TV which
is connected to this product.
Because NET TV is an online system, it can be modified
over time to better serve its purpose.
Some Net TV services can be added, changed or
stopped after some time.
For Net TV, You cannot download and save files nor
install plug-ins.
Set up a network (see "Get started" > "Set up
a network").
Make sure that you have completed the
network installation.
to display the home menu.
Select [browse NetTV], and press OK.
This product starts to connect to Net TV
and opens the start page
» For first use, follow the on-screen
instructions to complete the registration,
and then switch on the parental control to
lock/unlock the services offered on the Net
TV pages.
Select a service, or an item on
Internet pages.
Confirm a selection.
Return to a previous page, or
delete input text.
Access actions related to a
current activity.
Enter number/letter (e.g. email
address and lock/unlock code).
The Net TV start page
Show your favorite services and some
recommended services.
The Browse all page
You can view all the Net TV services by category.
The favorite services are marked as a star icon.
Browse another country
On the Browse all page, you can switch the Net
TV country. Another country might have different
Mark favorites
You can mark up to 12 services. Only Net
TV services can be marked as a favorite.
Advertisement and open Internet websites cannot
be marked.
1) Select the icon for a service.
2) Press
OPTIONS to select Mark favorite, and
press OK.
To unmark a favorite, press
to select the unmark action and press OK.
Open Internet websites
With Net TV you can link up to the open Internet.
You can view any website. Remember that most
Internet websites are not tailored to be viewed on
a TV screen.
1) On the Browse all page, select Browse Internet,
and press OK.
2) On the on-screen keyboard, select a character
and press OK. Repeat Step 2 to enter a web
To navigate to the available links on a open
internet page, press
control, and press OK to open the link.
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. bears no responsibility
regarding the content and the quality of the content
provided by the content service providers.
on the remote

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