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Advanced Setup - Philips BDP7500S2/12 User Manual

Philips 7000 series blu-ray disc player 3d playback wi-fi-ready silver aluminium
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[Parental Control]
Restrict access to discs that are unsuitable for
children. These types of discs must be recorded
with ratings.
To access, enter your last set password or '0000'.
Rated discs above the level you set in
require a password to be played.
The ratings are country-dependent. To allow all discs to
play, select '8' for DVD-video and BD-Video.
Some discs have ratings printed on them but are not
recorded with ratings. This function has no effect on
such discs.
[Screen Saver]
Turn on or off the screen saver mode. It helps to
protect the TV screen from being damaged due to
over exposure to static image for being too long.
[On] - Set the screen saver active after 10
minutes of inactivity (for example, in the pause
or stop mode)
[Off] - Disable screen saver mode.
[Auto Subtitle Shift]
Turn on or off the automatic subtitle shift.
[On] - The subtitle position on the TV screen
is automatically adjusted.
[Off] - Disable the automatically subtitle shift.
[Change Password]
Set or change the password.
1) Press the Numeric buttons to enter the
password or your last set password. If you
forget the password, enter '0000', then press
2) Enter the new password.
3) Enter the same password again.
4) Move to [Confirm] in the menu and press OK.
[Display Panel]
Select a brightness level of the front panel display.
[Normal] - Normal brightness.
[Dim] - To dim display.
[Auto Standby]
Turn on or off auto standby mode. It is an energy
saving feature.
[On] - Switch to standby after 30 minutes
of inactivity (for example, in pause or stop
[Off] - Disable auto standby mode.
Turn on or off the content menu of VCDs/SVCDs
with PBC (playback control) feature.
[Parental Control]
[On] - Display the index menu when you load
a disc for play.
[Off] - Skip the menu and start play from the
first title.

Advanced setup

Select [Setup], and press OK.
Select [Advanced], and press .
Software Update
Clear Memory
Select an option, and press OK.
Select a setting, and press OK.
To return to the previous menu, press
To exit the menu, press
[BD-Live Security]
You can restrict internet access for BD-Live bonus
contents which are available to certain Blu-ray discs.
[On] - Internet access is prohibited for all
BD-Live contents.
[Off] - Internet access is permitted for all
BD-Live contents.
[Software Update]
Update the software of this product (if a latest
version is available on Philips website) to enhance
the performance of this product.
[USB] - Update software from the USB device
which is connected to this product.
[Network] - Update software from the
For detailed software updating, see "Additional
information" > "Update software".
[Clear Memory]
Delete the BD-Live data which is downloaded
on the internal memory of this player or on the
connected USB flash drive.

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