NEC UNIVERGE SV8100 User Manual

Single line telephone
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Single Line Telephone
User's Guide


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  • Page 1 Single Line Telephone User’s Guide NECIC-AP-102 Issue-1.0...
  • Page 2: For Your Convenience

    Check with your Supplier / System Administrator and make a note of any differences. NEC Single Line Telephone is displayed here. This User Guide describes general analogue Single Line Telephone (SLT) procedures. Refer to the User Guide included with to your specific SLT for details on additional key functions.
  • Page 3: Placing Calls

    Placing Calls Place an Outside Call Telephone Number Trunk Group No. Trunk No. (e.g. Trunk 5) Listen for Dial Tone before dialing a Telephone Number. In case the number of Trunk Group is more than 10, you should enter 3 digits (e.g. 011 : Group 11) after dialing “804”.
  • Page 4: Placing Calls Quickly

    Placing Calls Quickly Common and Group Abbreviated Dialing (Speed Dial) <for Outside> Common ABB Bin No. Common Group ABB Bin No. Group The digit of Bin No. depends on the system setting. Telephone Numbers shall be pre-registered to the system. System setting is necessary for Group ABB function.
  • Page 5 If your call doesn’t go through… Set Camp On / Callback <Camp On> Wait without hanging up (Hear Busy Tone or No Answer) Wait for the <Callback> system to call you back <Camp On> In case of Intercom Call, when you hear ringing, wait for the called party to answer. In case of Outside Call, when you hear Dial Tone, begin telephone number dialing.
  • Page 6: Answering Calls

    If your call doesn’t go through… Clear all Message Waiting (at any extension) Clear all messages (you have left for other extensions and messages other extension have left for you). Answering Calls Answering an Outside / Intercom Call (Ringing) Each incoming call can have specified ringing pattern respectively. Ask you Supplier. Picking up a call for other Extensions In same Group...
  • Page 7: Hold / Transferring Calls

    Hold / Transferring Calls Holding a Call / Retrieving a own Held Call FLASH FLASH Hold Retrieve (Talking) (Don’t hang up) If you go on hook, the held call will ring back. This operation puts your call on Exclusive Hold. Other extension user can not take the call off Hold. Retrieve a held outside call Trunk No.
  • Page 8 For more convenient use… Do Not Disturb (DND) DND : Trunk Incoming Call DND : Intercom Incoming Call DND : Trunk & Intercom Incoming Call DND : Transferred (CFW) Call DND : Cancel When you set DND function, the Internal Dial Tone pattern is changed. Call Forwarding / Follow Me CFW Condition Extension Number...
  • Page 9 Tones you may hear..One long tone and a voice while on a call: A co-worker is sending you a Voice Over. Error (fast busy) tone: This means you made a mistake in placing a call or using a feature. Hang up and try again. Stutter dial tone: When you lift the handset: This indicates that you have a call forward set.
  • Page 10 No representation is made that this manual is complete or accurate in all respects and NEC Infrontia Corporation shall not be liable for any errors or omissions.

Table of Contents