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Bosch MIC IP fusion 9000i Operation Manual

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MIC IP fusion 9000i
Operation Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 MIC IP fusion 9000i Operation Manual...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    MIC IP fusion 9000i Table of contents | en Table of contents Introduction Systems requirements Establishing the connection Configuration with Project Assistant app Password protection in camera System overview Live page Playback Configuration Dashboard General Identification User Management Date/Time Display Stamping...
  • Page 4 | Table of contents MIC IP fusion 9000i Recording Scheduler Recording Status Recording Statistics Image Posting SD Card Status Alarm Alarm Connections Video Content Analysis (VCA) Virtual Masks Audio Alarm Alarm E-Mail Alarm Task Editor Alarm Rules Network Network Services...
  • Page 5 MIC IP fusion 9000i Table of contents | en 10.2.3 Exporting recorded video 10.2.4 Controlling playback 10.3 Dashboard Using your MIC Camera 11.1 Using Intelligent Tracking 11.2 Recommended Use of Your MIC Camera 11.3 Using the Wiper/Washer (Bosch Protocol) 11.4 Using the Wiper/Washer (Pelco Protocol) 11.5...
  • Page 6: Introduction

    You can also use the Project Assistant app to complete the initial configuration of the camera. In order to use this device with the Project Assistant app by Bosch, you must download the app from the Bosch Download Store, from Google Play, or from the Apple Store.
  • Page 7: Password Protection In Camera

    Introduction | en – From, select Support > Apps and Tools > Online Apps - Video > Bosch Project Assistant app. Select the appropriate operating system, and then click the appropriate button to download and install the app. –...
  • Page 8: System Overview

    Click this icon to configure the device. Dashboard Click this icon to see detailed system information. Links Click this icon to navigate to the Bosch download store. Click this icon to get context-sensitive help for the page you are browsing. Live page The Live page is used to display the live video stream and control the unit.
  • Page 9: Dashboard

    MIC IP fusion 9000i System overview | en Dashboard The Dashboard page is used to display detailed information about the device. The Dashboard is only visible in the application bar if the Show 'Dashboard' option is enabled by a service-level user in the Configuration -> Web Interface -> Appearance page.
  • Page 10: General

    A check mark in this check box indicates that at least one certificate is loaded onto the camera. If no certificates are loaded, then “No certificate installed” appears to the right of the text. The Escrypt certificate is a root certificate for Bosch Security Systems that proves that the device meets the following criteria: –...
  • Page 11: Date/time

    MIC IP fusion 9000i General | en You can define and change a password for each authorization level if you are logged into the “service” user account. The device has three authorization levels: service, user, and live. – service is the highest authorization level. Entering the correct password gives access to all the functions and allows all configuration settings to be changed.
  • Page 12: Display Stamping

    | General MIC IP fusion 9000i Daylight saving time The internal clock can switch automatically between normal and daylight saving time (DST). The unit already contains the data for DST switch-overs for many years in advance. If the date, time and zone have been set up correctly, a DST table is automatically created.
  • Page 13 MIC IP fusion 9000i General | en Logo To place a logo on the image, select and upload an uncompressed .bmp file with a maximum size of 128x128 pixels and 256 colors to the camera. Its position on the image can then be selected.
  • Page 14 | General MIC IP fusion 9000i Specify the exact position (Position (XY)). In the Position (XY) fields, enter the values for the desired position. Title region Select On to set or to edit the position of the title region on the OSD.
  • Page 15: Gb/t 28181

    MIC IP fusion 9000i General | en GB/T 28181 This page allows you to set the parameters for conformance to the GB/T 28181 national standard “Security and protection video monitoring network system for information transport, switch and control”. This standard is specifically for China.
  • Page 16: Web Interface

    | Web Interface MIC IP fusion 9000i Web Interface Appearance You can adapt the appearance of the web interface and change the website language to meet your requirements. GIF or JPEG images can be used to replace the company and device logos. The image can be stored on a web server (for example,
  • Page 17 MIC IP fusion 9000i Web Interface | en Image being viewed Imager that Detected Object Resulting outlines Thermal Visible imager Dotted box Thermal imager Solid box Show VCA trajectories The trajectories (motion lines of objects) from the video content analysis are displayed in the live video image if a corresponding analysis type is activated.
  • Page 18: Live Functions

    | Web Interface MIC IP fusion 9000i Video buffer The value shown is calculated from the Latency mode setting. It cannot be changed. JPEG resolution You can specify the size of the JPEG image on the Live page. Options are Small, Medium, Large, 720p, 1080p, and “Best possible”...
  • Page 19 MIC IP fusion 9000i Web Interface | en Show ‘Intelligent Tracking’ Here you can specify whether the LIVE page displays the controls for the Intelligent Tracking feature. Show ‘Special Functions’ Here you can specify whether the Live page displays the section Special Functions.
  • Page 20: Camera

    | Camera MIC IP fusion 9000i Camera Installer Menu Application variant – If you are connecting to MIC-ALM-WAS-24, select “[camera name] - IO“ to allow the camera to recognize additional inputs and outputs from this device and to allow control of an external washer unit.
  • Page 21: Positioning

    MIC IP fusion 9000i Camera | en Reboot device Click the Reboot button to reboot the camera. There is a ten (10) second pause before the camera starts its homing phase. During the homing phase, the camera will complete finding the upper and lower tilt limits.
  • Page 22 | Camera MIC IP fusion 9000i VCA Profile Select the appropriate profile. Global Select the Global check box to use the global, overall calibration for all AUTODOME and MIC cameras. Alternatively, clear the Global check box to obtain a local calibration and overwrite the global calibration for the selected profile.
  • Page 23 MIC IP fusion 9000i Camera | en – Click   to place a line across the ground in the image. A line on ground corresponds to a line that is on the ground plane, such as a road marking. –...
  • Page 24: Encoder Profile

    | Camera MIC IP fusion 9000i Y [m] The location of the camera on the ground on the Y-axis. Z [m] The elevation of the ground plane. To determine the elevation of the camera, add the Z [m] value and the Height [m] value of the camera.
  • Page 25 MIC IP fusion 9000i Camera | en Profile name Profile number Default Profile name Description Profile 1 HD Image Optimized For an HD image, the video bit rate and frame quality are adjusted to ensure that the picture quality is the priority.
  • Page 26 | Camera MIC IP fusion 9000i Averaging period Select the appropriate averaging period as a means of stabilizing the long term bit rate. Target bit rate To optimize use of the bandwidth in the network, limit the data rate for the device. The target data rate should be set according to the desired picture quality for typical scenes with no excessive motion.
  • Page 27: Encoder Streams

    MIC IP fusion 9000i Camera | en To obtain the highest quality at the lowest bandwidth, even in the case of increased movement in the picture, configure the quality settings as follows: Observe the coverage area during normal movement in the preview images.
  • Page 28: Encoder Statistics

    | Camera MIC IP fusion 9000i 1280x1024 (1.3 MP, cropped) 720p (1 MP) D1 4:3 (cropped) 640x480 Non-recording profile Select one of the following profiles for each stream: Profile number Default Profile name Description Profile 1 HD Image Optimized...
  • Page 29: Encoder Regions

    MIC IP fusion 9000i Camera | en Zoom Identifies the current zoom factor of the camera (1x, 2x, 4x, or 8x). Averaging period Select the appropriate averaging period as a means of stabilizing the long term bit rate. Encoder Regions User can configure encoding regions for every configured preset (preposition/scene), to increase or decrease the encoding quality for selectable areas of the video image.
  • Page 30: Lens Settings

    | Camera MIC IP fusion 9000i A total of eight (8) masks can be in view at the same time. Privacy mask Select the number of the Privacy mask. A colored rectangle appears in the unlabeled video preview window above the Set button.
  • Page 31: Ptz Settings

    MIC IP fusion 9000i Camera | en IR focus correction Optimizes the focus for IR lighting. Options are: On, Off (default). Day near limit [m] Select the distance (in meters), from 0.1 to 20 m, for the minimum distance of the zoom focus during the day.
  • Page 32 | Camera MIC IP fusion 9000i Auto pivot The Auto pivot tilts the camera through the vertical position as the camera is rotated to maintain the correct orientation of the image. Set the Auto Pivot to On (default) to automatically rotate the camera 180º...
  • Page 33: Pre-positions And Tours

    SW, W, NW) heading in which the camera is pointing. Notice! The compass feature is not compatible with Bosch’s Intelligent Tracking feature. If Intelligent Tracking is activated, the camera automatically disables the display of the compass heading. Once Intelligent Tracking is deactivated, the camera returns the compass heading to the display.
  • Page 34: Pre-position Settings

    5.11 Pre-position mapping Pre-position mapping allows you to map a function to a pre-position action. This feature works for Bosch protocols and for non-Bosch protocols. Action Select the appropriate action: Show or Set. Pre-position Enter the number of the pre-position to map.
  • Page 35: Sectors

    MIC IP fusion 9000i Camera | en Stop custom tour IR focus correction on Start tour IR focus correction off Stop tour OSD feedback on Start playback A OSD feedback off Stop playback A IR mode on Start playback B...
  • Page 36: Wiper/washer

    | Camera MIC IP fusion 9000i 5.14 Wiper/Washer Wiper Controls the wiper of the MIC cameras. Options are: – Off: Turns off the wiper. – On: Wiper wipes continuously until deactivated manually, or until it has been on for five minutes (after which the camera will stop the wiper automatically).
  • Page 37 MIC IP fusion 9000i Camera | en For MIC7000 cameras controlled by Pelco controller keyboards, users can remap a total of 8 common control commands to Pelco AUX commands. To accomplish this, a third-party serial protocol license is required. Scene 99 Select Scan 360°...
  • Page 38: Recording

    | Recording MIC IP fusion 9000i Recording Introduction to recording Images can be recorded to an appropriately configured iSCSI system or, for devices with an SD slot, locally to an SD card. SD cards are the ideal solution for shorter storage times and temporary recordings. They can be used for local alarm recording or to improve the overall reliability of video recording.
  • Page 39: Formatting Storage Media

    MIC IP fusion 9000i Recording | en In the Storage overview section, double-click a storage medium, an iSCSI LUN or one of the other available drives. – The medium is added as a target in the Managed storage media list.
  • Page 40: Maximum Retention Time

    | Recording MIC IP fusion 9000i Caution! Without metadata, it is not possible to include video content analysis in recordings. Standard recording Select the mode for standard recordings: – Continuous: the recording proceeds continuously. If the maximum recording capacity is reached, older recordings are overwritten automatically.
  • Page 41 MIC IP fusion 9000i Recording | en You can link any number of 15-minute intervals with the recording profiles for each day of the week. Moving the mouse cursor over the table displays the time below it. This aids orientation.
  • Page 42: Recording Status

    Click the checkbox to select the cameras from which JPEG images are sent. An enabled video input is indicated by a check mark. For MIC IP fusion 9000i cameras, select checkbox 1 for the visible imager; select checkbox 2 for the thermal imager.
  • Page 43: Sd Card Status

    MIC IP fusion 9000i Recording | en Fill in the timeout in seconds. Leave at 0 for no timeout. Maximum image width [px] Fill in the maximum image width in pixels. Leave at 0 for automatic width selection. SD Card Status This section identifies the following details about the SD card installed in the camera: –...
  • Page 44: Alarm

    | Alarm MIC IP fusion 9000i Alarm Alarm Connections You can select how the camera responds to an alarm. In the event of an alarm, the unit can automatically connect to a pre-defined IP address. You can enter up to ten IP addresses to which the camera will connect in sequence in the event of an alarm, until a connection is made.
  • Page 45 MIC IP fusion 9000i Alarm | en Remote port Depending on the network configuration, select a browser port here. The ports for HTTPS connections will be available only if the On option is selected in the SSL encryption parameter. Video output If you know which unit is being used as the receiver, you can select the analog video output to which the signal should be switched.
  • Page 46: Video Content Analysis (vca)

    | Alarm MIC IP fusion 9000i Video Content Analysis (VCA) Note: This section of the manual provides an overview of the fields and the options for each field on the page VCA. This section is not a complete tutorial of setting up VCA. For more information, refer to the separate manual Video Content Analysis (VCA), available on the product page for Intelligent Video Analytics.
  • Page 47: Virtual Masks

    MIC IP fusion 9000i Alarm | en Reference check Save a reference image that can be continuously compared with the current video image. If the current video image in the marked areas differs from the reference image, an alarm is triggered.
  • Page 48: Audio Alarm

    | Alarm MIC IP fusion 9000i 2. Select the mask with your mouse. Move the mouse to position the mask over the area of the view that you want to mask, and then click “Set.” The text “VM Configuration active!” appears in the View Control window.
  • Page 49: Alarm Task Editor

    MIC IP fusion 9000i Alarm | en SMTP user name Enter a registered user name for the chosen mailserver here. SMTP password Enter the required password for the registered user name here. Format You can select the data format of the alarm message.
  • Page 50: Alarm Rules

    | Alarm MIC IP fusion 9000i Enter new scripts in the Alarm Task Editor field or change existing scripts in line with your requirements. When finished, click Set to transmit the scripts to the device. If the transfer was successful, the message Script successfully parsed.
  • Page 51: Network

    MIC IP fusion 9000i Network | en Network Network Services This page shows an overview of all available network services. Use the checkbox to activate or deactivate a network service. Click on the settings symbol next to the network service to go to the settings page for this network service.
  • Page 52 | Network MIC IP fusion 9000i Consult the network administrator for valid IPv6 address construction. Prefix length A typical IPv6 node address consists of a prefix and an interface identifier (total 128 bits). The prefix is the part of the address where the bits have fixed values or are the bits that define a subnet.
  • Page 53: Dyndns

    MIC IP fusion 9000i Network | en RCP+ port 1756 To exchange connection data, you can activate the unsecured RCP+ port 1756. If you want connection data to be transmitted only when encrypted, select the Off option to deactivate the port.
  • Page 54: Advanced

    This field identifies any cloud-based services with which the camera communicates. – If you have registered the device on a cloud-based service such as Bosch Remote Portal, then this field identifies this fact (“Registered on Bosch Remote Portal”). Note: The button (Connect to Bosch Remote Portal) to connect to the device with that service is active.
  • Page 55: Network Management

    MIC IP fusion 9000i Network | en Sender IP address Enter the IP address of the TCP metadata sender here. Server IP address Enter the appropriate IP address of the server. Server port (0 = Off) Enter the number of the server port.
  • Page 56: Multicast

    | Network MIC IP fusion 9000i Click Set to apply the changes. Multicast The camera can enable multiple receivers to receive the video signal simultaneously. The stream is either duplicated and then distributed to multiple receivers (Multi-unicast), or it is sent as a single stream to the network, where it is simultaneously distributed to multiple receivers in a defined group (Multicast).
  • Page 57: Ipv4 Filter

    MIC IP fusion 9000i Network | en Before using a Dropbox account ensure that the time settings of the device have been correctly synchronized. Account name Enter an account name to be shown as the target name. IP address Enter the IP address of the server on which you wish to save the JPEG images.
  • Page 58: Service

    | Service MIC IP fusion 9000i Service Maintenance Update server The address of the update server appears in the address box. Click Check to make a connection to this server. Select the appropriate version for your camera to download the firmware from the server.
  • Page 59: Certificates

    MIC IP fusion 9000i Service | en Certificates Add a certificate/file to the file list Click Add. In the Add certificate window choose either: – Upload certificate to select a file that is already available: – Click Browse to navigate to the required file.
  • Page 60: Operation Via The Browser

    | Operation via the browser MIC IP fusion 9000i Operation via the browser 10.1 Live page 10.1.1 Pan and tilt controls – To tilt the camera up: Click and hold the up arrow. – To tilt the camera down: Click and hold the down arrow.
  • Page 61 MIC IP fusion 9000i Operation via the browser | en Click to display the selected pre-position in the video image. Bosch Security Systems Operation Manual 2019-11 | 1.2 |...
  • Page 62: Aux Control

    | Operation via the browser MIC IP fusion 9000i 10.1.3 AUX Control With the tab AUX Control you can enter pre-programmed keyboard control commands. These commands are composed of a command number plus the appropriate function key (Show pre- position, Set pre-position, AUX on, or AUX off).
  • Page 63: Recording Status

    MIC IP fusion 9000i Operation via the browser | en 10.1.6 Recording status The hard drive icon below the live camera image changes during an automatic recording. The icon lights up and displays a moving graphic to indicate a running recording. If no recording is taking place, a static icon is displayed.
  • Page 64: Status Icons

    | Operation via the browser MIC IP fusion 9000i 10.1.12 Status icons Various overlays in the video image provide important status information. The overlays provide the following information: Decoding error The frame might show artifacts due to decoding errors.
  • Page 65: Playback

    MIC IP fusion 9000i Operation via the browser | en 10.2 Playback 10.2.1 Selecting the recording stream On the left side of the browser, expand the Connection group if necessary. To view a recording stream: Click the Recording drop-down arrow to see the options.
  • Page 66 | Operation via the browser MIC IP fusion 9000i – Connection Status – Services You can also download a .JSON file with information about the device: At the bottom of the page, locate the Export button Click the Export button Select a location in your hard drive to store the file 2019-11 | 1.2 |...
  • Page 67: Using Your Mic Camera

    MIC IP fusion 9000i Using your MIC Camera | en Using your MIC Camera 11.1 Using Intelligent Tracking To activate the Intelligent Tracking feature, one of the following conditions must be met: – The Silent IVA option must be selected in the VCA page on the Settings tab. Refer to Video Content Analysis (VCA), page 46.
  • Page 68 | Using your MIC Camera MIC IP fusion 9000i White eye, flashing Intelligent Tracking is actively following a target. Gray eye with a red “X” Intelligent Tracking lost the selected target and will wait for the target to reappear using the last known trajectory.
  • Page 69: Recommended Use Of Your Mic Camera

    Note: Tour B is now intended for use with the 'IVA while moving' functions. Preset Tours For scenarios that require the camera to be in continuous motion for most of the day, Bosch recommends that you set the camera in Preset Tour mode, moving between a desired set of presets.
  • Page 70: Using The Wiper/washer (bosch Protocol)

    | Using your MIC Camera MIC IP fusion 9000i 11.3 Using the Wiper/Washer (Bosch Protocol) The "predefined position" for the wash/wipe function is preset 62. The installer must define preset 62 (preferably where the washer nozzle is located and can direct washer fluid towards the camera window) before using the wiper/washer function.
  • Page 71: Using The Wiper/washer (pelco Protocol)

    MIC IP fusion 9000i Using your MIC Camera | en 11.4 Using the Wiper/Washer (Pelco Protocol) To activate the washer/wiper in Pelco protocol, follow these steps: 1. From the Configuration page > Illumination/Wiper > Wiper/washer, click Start, and then exit the menu.
  • Page 72: Uploading A User Logo

    | Using your MIC Camera MIC IP fusion 9000i 11.5 Uploading a User Logo Customers have the option to upload custom logos that display on the web browser of the device. All user logo images must comply with the following requirements: –...
  • Page 73 MIC IP fusion 9000i Using your MIC Camera | en – Display three (3) lines of text at the top of the video. Use the command AUX ON-76- ENTER. About Fonts for Camera Titles – The default font style is white text with a clear background. The font size cannot be changed.
  • Page 74: Azimuth, Elevation, And Compass Directions

    Azimuth Zero point. Notice! Bosch recommends that only the installer calibrate the Azimuth Zero point. A recalibration to the Azimuth Zero point may cause inaccurate compass headings. Set the Azimuth Zero point: Determine the North compass heading, then move the camera to that position.
  • Page 75: Keyboard Commands

    MIC IP fusion 9000i Keyboard Commands | en Keyboard Commands 12.1 Bosch Protocol 12.2 Pelco Protocol Bosch Security Systems Operation Manual 2019-11 | 1.2 |...
  • Page 76: Aux Commands

    | AUX Commands MIC IP fusion 9000i AUX Commands Function Command Description On/Off Auto Pan without limits (Continuous) On/Off Auto Pan between limits On/Off Run Custom Pre-Position Tour On/Off Run Pre-Position Tour On/Off AutoPivot Enable On/Off Backlight Compensation (BLC)
  • Page 77 Increase Privacy Mask Size while moving 1-256 Set/- Pre-position Programming 1-256 -/Shot Pre-position Recall The following commands are specific to MIC IP fusion 9000i models. Function Command On/-- Activate color mode White hot --/Off Activate color mode Black hot On/--...
  • Page 78 | AUX Commands MIC IP fusion 9000i 2019-11 | 1.2 | Operation Manual Bosch Security Systems...
  • Page 80 Bosch Security Systems B.V. Torenallee 49 5617 BA Eindhoven Netherlands © Bosch Security Systems B.V., 2019...

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