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Toshiba SD-5915SC Owner's Manual page 21

Toshiba dvd video / cd / vcd 5 disc carousel changer owner's manual sd-5915su, sd-5915sc
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To pause playback (still mode)
Press PAUSE/STEP during playback.
To resume normal playback, press
the PLAY button.
• The sound is muted during still mode.
To stop playback
Press STOP.
To remove the disc
Press OPEN/CLOSE and DISC SKIP to revolve the tray
Remove the disc after the disc tray
opens completely.
Be sure to press OPEN/CLOSE button to close the
disc tray after you remove the disc.
• Remove all the discs from the DVD video player before moving from one location to another location.
• Do not move the DVD video player during playback. Doing so may damage the disc.
• Use OPEN/CLOSE button to open and close the disc tray. Do not push the disc tray while it is moving. Doing so
may cause the DVD video player to malfunction.
• Do not push up on the disc tray or put any objects other than discs on the disc tray. Doing so may cause the DVD
video player to malfunction.
• In many instances, a menu screen will appear after playback of a movie is completed. Prolonged display of an on-
screen menu may damage your television set, permanently etching that image onto its screen. To avoid this, be
sure to press STOP button on your remote control once the movie is completed.
To obtain a higher quality picture
Occasionally, some picture noise not usually visible during a normal broadcast may
appear on the TV screen while playing DVD video disc because the high resolution
pictures on these discs include a lot of information. While the amount of noise depends
on the TV you use with this DVD video player, you should generally reduce the
sharpness adjustment on your TV when viewing DVD video discs.
icons on the heading bar show the playable discs for the
function described under that heading.
: You can use this function with DVD video discs.
: You can use this function with VIDEO CDs.
: You can use this function with audio CDs.
To turn the power off (To enter the standby mode)
Press ON/STANDBY to turn the ON/STANDBY indicator
to red.
Be aware that this equipment is still powered even after the
ON/STANDBY indicator turns off (standby mode) by pressing
ON/STANDBY button. To disconnect this equipment
completely from the mains power, pull out the power plug
from the wall outlet.
Automatic Power Off function
If the DVD video player is stopped, or the screen saver is
engaged for approximately 20 minutes, the DVD video
player will automatically turn itself off.
About the screen saver
If you pause a picture of a DVD video disc and leave it still
for a long while, the screen saver of the DVD video player
automatically appears. To turn off the screen saver, press
PLAY button.



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