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Loading Batteries; Operating With The Remote Control - Toshiba SD-5915SC Owner's Manual

Toshiba dvd video / cd / vcd 5 disc carousel changer owner's manual sd-5915su, sd-5915sc
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Loading batteries

Open the cover.
Insert batteries (AAA size).
Make sure to match the + and
to the marks inside the battery compartment.
Close the cover.
Notes on batteries
Improper use of batteries may cause battery leakage and
corrosion. To operate the remote control correctly, follow the
instructions below.
• Do not insert batteries into the remote control in the wrong
• Do not charge, heat, open, or short-circuit the batteries.
Do not throw batteries into a fire.
• Do not leave dead or exhausted batteries in the remote
• Do not use different types of batteries together, or mix old
and new batteries.
• If you do not use the remote control for a long period of time,
remove the batteries to avoid possible damage from battery
• If the remote control does not function correctly or if the
operating range becomes reduced, replace all batteries with
new ones.
• If battery leakage occurs, wipe the battery liquid from the
battery compartment, then insert new batteries.

Operating with the remote control

Point the remote control at the remote sensor and
press the buttons.
on the batteries
Distance: About 7 m (23 feet) from the front of the
Angle :
* Do not expose the remote sensor of the DVD video
Notes on the remote control
• Direct the remote control at the remote sensor of the DVD
video player.
• When using the remote control, press the buttons at intervals
of about 1 second to ensure the correct mode of operation.
• Do not drop or give the remote control a shock.
• Do not leave the remote control near an extremely hot or
humid place.
• Do not spill water or put anything wet on the remote control.
• Do not open the remote control.
Within about 7 m (23 feet)
remote sensor
About 30° in each direction of the front of the
remote sensor
player to a strong light source such as direct
sunlight or other illumination. If you do so, you
may not be able to operate the DVD video player
via the remote control.



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