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Magura JULIE hp Workshop Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Magura JULIE hp

  • Page 2 Marta 160/160 Marta 160/160 Louise 203/203 Louise 203/203 Louise 180/180 Louise 180/180 Louise 160/160 Louise 160/160 Julie HP 203/203 Julie HP 203/203 Julie HP 180/180 Julie HP 180/180 Julie HP 160/160 Julie HP 160/160 Specifications subject to change without prior notice...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Safety instructions before the first ride 3. Safety instructions before every ride 4. Transport of the bicycle 5. Brake installation 7-10 6. Shortening the hose 10-11 7. Maintenance 12-13 8. Repairs 9. Bleeding and Filling 15-16 10.
  • Page 4 Never touch either the rotor or the brake calliper after long braking as this may cause serious burns. You will be pleased to find out that the MAGURA Julie HP disc brakes offer a superior braking power even with little hand force applied, no matter what the weather conditions should be.
  • Page 5 100 kg and/ or a gradient of more than 15 %) always use both brakes simulta- neously to slow your bike down. 5. Use your Julie HP disc brake according o the user chart on page 2 of this manual. Any misuse might cause serious accidents with fatal injuries to yourself and others! 6.
  • Page 6: Transport Of The Bicycle

    Such contaminated pads can no longer be used and should be replaced! Clean a contaminated rotor with MAGURA disc cleaner, dishwater or alcool. See further hints about changing the brake pads on pages 12- 5.
  • Page 7: Brake Installation

    (*delivered with the brake) Always insert the allen and torx keys completely to avoid damaging the bolt heads. Unpack your Julie HP disc brake: 1. brake lever (master cylinder) connected through the 2. brake hose with the 3. brake caliper with transport device; ATTENTION: 4.
  • Page 8 Tightening tor- que 4 Nm/ 34 in.lbs The MAGURA disc brake Julie HP is compatible with frames and forks which meet the International Standard (IS) and for Postmount (PM) mounts. Depending on the mounting standard and/or rotor size adaptors are used for a proper installation (cf.
  • Page 9 3. Mounting on forks and frames that meet the International Standard: Mount the calliper onto the fork or the frame (bolts “A”). Use a 5 mm allen key. Tightening torque: 6 Nm/ 51 in.lbs. Do not tighten yet the bolts “B” 4.
  • Page 10: Shortening The Hose

    In case of a constantly dragging disc brake causing noise your frame is badly aligned. In such a case you should contact your dealer who can care with the MAGURA Gnann-o-mat disc optimizer for a totally even surface of the disc brake mounts. These are absolutely necessary for a drag free function of your brake.
  • Page 11 If your frame is not equipped for routing hydraulic lines you should now mount the hose fitting kit (available as separate accessory, see for your rear brake according to the instructions that are included in the kit. Hold the hose carefully so that it cannot snap away! Cut the hose squarely! The sleeve nut can be reused.
  • Page 12: Maintenance

    7. Maintenance Brake Oil: MAGURA disc brakes use a transmission medium low viscosity mineral oil, the biodegradable MAGURA ROYAL BLOOD Contrary to DOT brake fluid the MAGURA ROYAL BLOOD does not irritate human skin or strip the paint of your frame. Moreover it does not absorb water like DOT and does not have to be changed regularly.
  • Page 13 Use only genuine MAGURA brake pads. MAGURA cannot guarantee a correct fun- ction of the brake if you use brake pads from other manufacturers, which were not tested.
  • Page 14: Repairs

    1. Remove the damaged hose from both the brake lever and the caliper. 2. Prepare a new hose: Use only the reinforced MAGURA Disc Tube (wearing also this imprint). One end of this hose comes with a pressed fitting with blue loctite threadlock, which has to be screwed into the Heat Eater as described above.
  • Page 15 3. Prepare the transparent filler tube by pushing in by hand the M6 barbed fitting. Put the other end of the filler tube on the syringe and fill the syringe completely with MAGURA ROYAL BLOOD mineral oil. Fill the syringe completely and make sure that there are no air bubbles inside.
  • Page 16 Never contaminate brake pads with oil or grease this causing per- manent loss of brake power! Contaminated pads are definitely killed and MUST be replaced! A contaminated rotor can be cleaned with MAGURA brake cleaner, warm dishwater or alcohol.
  • Page 17: The Disc Brake Wheel

    Never contaminate brake pads with oil or grease this causing permanent loss of brake power! Contaminated pads are definitely dead and must be replaced! A conta- minated rotor can be cleaned with MAGURA Disc cleaner, dishwater or alcohol.
  • Page 18 (page You will find further tips on our website in the FAQ section or in our online forum!! Stay tuned. THE PASSION PEOPLE
  • Page 19: Accessories

    13. Warranty MAGURA is giving a 5-year leakproof warranty on brake levers (master cylinder) and brake callipers if the brake has been registered on Watch out for the red info sheet in the middle of this manual! This warranty is void when damage to the brake has occurred from...
  • Page 20 10 x 0720 848 2,5 Nm SL Rotor Rohloff Speedhub 180 mm 0721 931 160 mm 0721 930 0722 530 0722 418 Type 6.1 Performance 0722 419 Type 6.2 Endurance Specifications are subject to change without prior notice! 0721 314 THE PASSION PEOPLE
  • Page 21 Should this not be the case, longer bolts, with a minimum hardness of 8.8 should be used and secured using blue Loctite. Specifications are subejct to change without prior notice Visit our website for further information, tech tips and free online help!!
  • Page 22 Singapore Switzerland MAGURA Bike Parts Great Britain MAGURA Service Center MAGURA ASIA Inc. Intercycle > > Benelux MAGURA Bike Parts UK Ltd. France phone +886-4-23163388 phone +41-9266511 > phone +49-7333-9626-42 phone +49-7333-9626-29 phone +49-7333-9626-43 fax +886-4-2323154030 fax +41-9266355 fax +49-7333-9626-17...