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Temperature Controls - Frigidaire FGBC5334VS Use & Care Manual

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Cool Down Period
For best performance, allow 4 hours for the Beverage Center to cool down completely. The
Beverage Center will run continuously for the first several hours.
Temperature Control
• The Beverage Center can be operated by adjusting the temperature control buttons (+/-) to
the various settings.
• The new desired temperature will flash on the display for a few seconds and then switch
back to the actual temperature which will gradually change until set point is reached.
• Press the + button once to increase temperature 1° F/C.
• Press the - button once to decrease temperature 1° F/C.
• The temperature range MIN and MAX is 33° - 50°F (1° - 10°C).
Temperature display
• The default temperature for the Beverage Center is 41°F (5°C). The temperature after power
failure will be the temperature set before the power failure.
• To prolong the life of compressor, please wait for at least 5 minutes before the unit is
restarted after power failure.
Failure display
• If "E" and "F" are displayed, please contact local service personnel for repair.
• If the temperature in the Beverage Center is too low, it will display "L".
• If the temperature in the Beverage Center is too high, the screen will display "H" and will
flash. Under this state, the buzzer will buzz for 30 seconds. One minute later, the buzzer
will continue to buzz for the next 30 seconds. After three times, the alarm will not buzz any
more. You can press any key to cancel sound alarm.
• Storing too many cans or bottles in the Beverage Center may cause the temperature in the
Beverage Center to rise temporarily.
This button turns the power ON and OFF.
This button turns the light ON and OFF.
This button toggles between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures.


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