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Toshiba BMS-CT1280E Installation Manual page 12

Air conditioning control system
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Air Conditioning Control System (Touch Screen Controller)
TCC-LINK communication line stripping
Attach a round crimp terminal to each wire of the power line and
signal line.
Round crimp terminal
Termination resistance setting
•RS-485 termination resistance setting ...................Set at both ends of the RS-485 communication line. Set one end at the main
• TCC-LINK termination resistance setting ..............Set on the air conditioner. The TCC-LINK termination resistance is not set in
Shield grounding process
•RS-485 cable wire shielded wire ......................... Connect to the FG terminal block.
• TCC-LINK communication cable shielded wire .....When using the air conditioning control system with one unit, open the
• Be sure to install a circuit breaker or all-pole isolating switch (with a contact breaking distance of at least 3 mm) on the
primary side of the power supply.
• Fasten the screws to the terminal block with torque of 0.5 N•m.
RS-485 cable wire stripping length
Loosen the screws with a screwdriver, insert the digital I/O cable,
and tighten the screws securely.
unit and the other end at the interface. The termination resistance of the main
unit is already set as a factory default. Refer to the interface installation
manual to set the termination resistance of the interface.
main unit
Leave "open".
shielded wire of the TCC-LINK communication cable and perform insulation
When using the air conditioning control system with multiple units, connect
the shield of the TCC-LINK communication line to the closed end and open
the shield at the final end of the air conditioning control system to perform
insulation processing.
Perform TCC-LINK communication line shield grounding on the air
conditioner side.
Installation Manual
Digital I/O cable stripping length



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