Maintenance And Storage - Black & Decker EF40 Instruction Manual

Black & decker deep fryer instruction manual
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Cleaning the Lid
• Remove the filter before cleaning the lid.
• Wash the lid with warm water and a small amount of dishwashing liquid.
Wash again with clean water, and rinse off the lid dry.
Note: Dot not wash the lid in a dishwasher.
Cleaning the Basket
• Wash the basket with warm water and a small amount of dishwashing liquid. Wash again with clean water, and dry.
Cleaning the Bowl
• Pour out the cool oil and filter it.
• Wipe the oil off with an absorbing paper
• Clean the bowl with a clean, damp cloth, and a small amount of dishwashing liquid.
• Rinse the bowl with water, and dry thoroughly with a dry, soft cloth.


Frying Problem
Release of
Overflow of the oil
Food is not crispy
on outside
Sticking of
French fries
Some Do's and Don'ts
1. Do not touch hot surfaces like bowl, lid and body shell during use and cool down period. Use handles or knobs to operate.
Let the fryer and oil cool down to room temperature before carrying it from one location to another.
2. This unit is not meant for outdoor usage.
3. Before removing the bowl with oil inside, ensure that the appliance has cooled down to room temperature.
4. Always keep oil level between Max and Min Level. Check to be sure that the oil is at the correct level before pre-heating.
5. Oil may be hot during and after operation. Care should be taken while handling hot oil as it might cause burns.
6. While operating the wiper knob, care should be taken that the steam escaping from the filter cover will be hot and could burn.
7. Hot steam may escape from the filter cover during use.
8. Care should be taken when opening the fryer as hot steam may escape on opening.
9. Always cook in the inner bowl provided.
10. Ensure that the lid of the fryer is closed before lowering the basket into the oil.
11. Move the handle in horizontal position, thus lifting the submerged basket from the oil and only then lift open the lid of the fryer.
12. Never add water or ice to oil, to avoid splattering.
13. Extra care is needed when cooking frozen foods to avoid splattering and burns.
14. Always route the cord carefully to avoid a tripping hazard.
Potential Causes
1) The oil is deteriorated
2) This oil is unsuitable for
deep frying
1) The oil volume is higher
than the maximum level
2) The qty. of frying food is high
3) The food is too wet
1) The frying temperature is
too low
2) The qty. of frying food is high
The chopped potato is not
washed with clean water and dried
1) Change the oil after every 20 uses
2) Use a good quality vegetable oil or
other oil suitable for deep frying
1) Decrease oil to proper volume
2) Decrease food to proper volume
3) Dry the food before frying
1) Adjust the temperature to proper
2) Reduce qty. of food in baskets
Wash and dry thoroughly
before frying

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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