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Black & decker deep fryer instruction manual
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Useful Tips:-
1. Use a good quality cooking oil for best results. Do not use butter, bacon fat, margarine or olive oil since these oils tend to
smoke and or/burn easily.
2. Always remember to pre-heat the oil for 15 minutes for best results, or until the heating light goes out for the first time.
3. Whenever possible let refrigerated foods stand at room temperature for around half hour before frying. For frozen foods,
remove from freezer just before frying and remove any ice crystals.
4. Dry excess moisture from foods with paper towels before frying to reduce splattering.
5. Always keep the bottom of the bowl and the heating element clean so that they do not deposit any foreign substance.
This could lower the efficiency and shorten the life of fryer.
6. Do not use any sharp objects during cleaning / frying inside the bowl. This might scratch the coated surface of the bowl.
7. Do not use plastic utensils in hot cooking oil - they will melt.
8. Always pre-heat the basket in the oil to help prevent foods from sticking to the basket. Raising the basket and stirring
foods once during frying may also help prevent foods from sticking together.
9. When you fry same kind of foods for several times, the time between the end of first frying and the beginning of second
frying should be 3 to 10 minutes. The lamp will turn off when the temperature reaches the desired setting again.
10. Keep salty food away from the deep fryer. Salt causes vegetable oil to spoil more quickly.
11. Soaking cut French fries in cold water for half an hour washes away the starch to improve cooked results and crispness.
12. If oil darkens or smokes, discard and use fresh oil.
13. For longer life of oil after frying, cool the oil and strain it through a sieve lined with a paper towel. Store in a tightly covered
container in a cool, dark location or refrigerate. Add some fresh vegetable oil to used oil each time you fry.
14. On an average oil can be used 6~8 times. It will need to be changed more often if used to fry fish or used with healthy
batter-dipped foods.
15. If over browning is a problem and you are re-using oil or have pre-heated a long time, you might want to double check oil
temperature with a candy thermometer.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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