Frying Guide - Black & Decker EF40 Instruction Manual

Black & decker deep fryer instruction manual
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Pull up the basket handle to lock in place (as in fig.1) and let it drain for a few seconds. Lift the lid and fill the basket with the
appropriate amount of food. Do not over fill the basket. Use the chart and recipes in this book as your guide to determine
food quantities temperature settings and time along with the graphics printed on the front of the unit for various foods. Turn
the timer dial to the appropriate timing upto 30 minutes. With the lid still closed, press the handle release button and slowly
fold back the handle to lower the basket into the hot oil, then lock the handle down into the unit. The heating light will cycle
ON/OFF indicating that the unit is maintaining the cooking temperature. When the cooking is done, you must turn the
thermostat to OFF position to shut off the unit. The power light will go off. The timer will count down the minutes and there
will be an audible signal when time is up, however, the unit will NOT shut down automatically.
Although the unit is a cool touch unit, avoid touching the exterior of the unit during cooking and cool down period. Keep the
lid closed during frying, you may peek into the viewing window to check the progress without opening the lid. You can use
the wiper to wipe out the moisture collected on the window. However care should be taken as steam escaping from the filter
may be hot and might cause burns. Avoid getting close to the vent and steam around the lid during cooking as there may be
some steam escaping.
When cooking is done, lift up the basket handle so that it locks in place horizontally. Let the food drain for about 10~15
seconds, then press the open lid button and lid will pop open. Carefully lift the basket out ( be sure not to press the handle
release button) and turn the food out onto a plate with paper toweling to drain. Replace the basket in the unit, close the unit
and lower the basket back into the oil to re-heat. Repeat the above procedure as necessary to cook additional food. When
finished, switch off the unit from the mains and unplug the power cord.
Note:- Care should be taken while opening the lid, as escaping steam can cause burns.
Replace the filters:-
These filters are intended to help cut down on frying odours and should always be in place when opening the fryer. Over
time, they will become less effective. To change the filters, remove the vent lid and take out the three filter assembly. Replace
the new one keeping the white filter down and the wire mesh on top. We recommend to replace filter after 50~60 fryings.
Note:- The timer is only for indications and does not turn off the power.


This frying time given in this chart are only a guide and should be adjusted according to the quantity fried.
Onion rings
Fish fillet
Fish fillet in batter
Fish cakes or balls
Sliced meat
Chicken strips
French fries
Cleaning the Deep Fryer
• Make sure that the appliance has been unplugged and the temperature adjustor is in OFF position before cleaning. Start
cleaning as shown below after the fryer and oil inside cool entirely to room temperature.
• Press the OPEN button and open the lid and remove the lid from the body.
• Lift up the basket handle to its highest horizontal position (until a CLICK sound is heard), and remove the basket from the
• Remove the bowl carefully from the body.
• Clean the shell with a clean, damp cloth. Do not use scrubbing brushes or chemical cleaners.
Oil Temp (ºC) Max. Weight (Grams) Approx. Frying Time (Minutes)
3 to 5
3 to 4
6 to 8
5 to 6
6 to 8
7 to 10
7 to 10
7 to 10
6 to 10
9 to 12

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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