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Frying Chart - Black & Decker FryMate DF400 Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker frymate deep fryer model df400 user manual
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2:29 PM
• Always use your fryer on a flat, heat resistant surface.
• Do not use the fryer under cabinets or curtains.
• Never leave it unattended during use.
Note: During first use, you may detect a slight odor. This is normal.
1. Attach the magnetic end of detachable cord into the socket
on the back of the unit (E).
2. Insert the cooking pot into the unit and fill with
approximately 8 cups (2.0 liters) of vegetable cooking oil.
• Do not use olive, sunflower or flavored oils.
• Do not go below the MIN MARK or exceed the MAX FILL
MARK inside the cooking pot.
3. Insert the empty frying basket into the unit and close the lid.
4. Slide the frying basket handle release switch down to fold
the handle as you lower the frying basket into the oil (F).
5. Plug unit into an electric outlet and turn the temperature
control to the appropriate temperature for your food (G).
The power temperature light will be red.
Important: Never turn on the unit without any oil in the
cooking pot.
• The power/temperature light turns green when the selected
temperature is reached. The light will cycle between green
and red to indicate the unit is operating.
6. To raise the basket pull up the frying basket handle until it locks into place (see A).
Let the frying basket drain a few seconds.
1. Press the lid release (OPEN) lever down to open the lid.
2. Place the food to be cooked in the frying basket. DO NOT OVERFILL THE BASKET.
Note: Fry freshly battered foods without the frying basket.
3. Slide the frying basket handle release switch to fold the handle and lower the frying
4. Close the lid.
5. Cook your food according to Frying Chart or follow your
6. Set the timer by pressing the timer button until the desired
time (up to 99 minutes) displays on the digital display (H).
Page 6
• Once the button is released the timer counts down the minutes until it reaches the last
minute, then it counts down in seconds
• Once the time is up, a beep sounds. One minute later, another beep sounds.
Cooking Tips
• Avoid touching the exterior of the unit during cooking.
• Keep the lid closed while frying; you may peek into the viewing window to check
progress without opening the lid.
• It is normal for steam to appear in the window, but it will clear during cooking if you
keep the window clean after each use.
• Avoid the vent and the seam around the lid during cooking as steam may be hot.
7. When cooking is done, open the lid and pull up the frying basket handle (see B)
to lock in place horizontally.
8. Let the food drain 10-15 seconds.
9. Carefully lift the basket out (be sure not to press the handle release switch) and
empty the food onto a plate covered with paper towels to drain.
10. Replace the frying basket in the unit and close the lid.
11. Lower the frying basket back into the oil to reheat.
12. Let the oil regain the set temperature before frying additional batches of food.
13. When finished, turn the temperature control to the "Minimum" position, and unplug
the unit.


350°F (175 °C)
Sticks (frozen)
3/8" (0.95 cm)
Up to 8 sticks
at a time
350°F (175 °C)
Single layer
Onion Rings (frozen)
375°F (190 °C)
About 1 cup at a time
Scallops, Fresh Bay,
350°F (175 °C)
1/2 lb./227g
Shrimp (frozen)
350°F (175 °C)
Zucchini Sticks,
350°F (175 °C)
single layer
Time in
Be careful not to stick
with a fork when removing.
Dip into an egg batter, then in
seasoned bread crumbs.
Fry about 6 oz. at a time.
Dip in an egg batter then roll
in seasoned bread crumbs.
Drain on paper towels.
Serve with Tartar sauce.
Drain well then fry. Serve with
your favorite cocktail sauce.
Dip into an egg batter then in
seasoned bread crumbs.

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