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AEG IEB64030XB User Manual page 41

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Table of Contents
4.1 Operating the hob
You operate the hob with the knobs of
the oven and control panel of the hob.
The "Daily use" chapter for the oven tells
how to operate the hob.
4.2 Automatic Switch Off
The function deactivates the hob
automatically if:
• all cooking zones are deactivated,
• you do not set the heat setting after
you activate the hob,
• you spill something or put something
on the control panel for more than 10
seconds (a pan, a cloth, etc.). An
acoustic signal sounds and the hob
deactivates. Remove the object or
clean the control panel.
• the hob gets too hot (e.g. when a
saucepan boils dry). Let the cooking
zone cool down before you use the
hob again.
• you use incorrect cookware. The
comes on and the cooking
zone deactivates automatically after 2
• you do not deactivate a cooking zone
or change the heat setting. After
some time
comes on and the hob
The relation between the heat setting
and the time after which the hob
Heat setting
, 1 - 2
3 - 4
6 - 9
4.3 Using the cooking zones
Place the cookware in the centre of the
selected zone. Induction cooking zones
adapt to the dimension of the bottom of
the cookware automatically.
You can cook with large cookware
placed on two cooking zones at the
The hob deacti-
vates after
6 hours
5 hours
4 hours
1.5 hour
same time. The cookware must cover the
centres of both zones.
4.4 Automatic Heat Up
If you activate this function you can get a
necessary heat setting in a shorter time.
The function sets the highest heat setting
for some time and then decreases to the
correct heat setting.
To activate the function the
cooking zone must be cold.
To activate the function for a cooking
zone: turn the knob clockwise until
comes on. Immediately set the correct
heat setting. After 3 seconds
To deactivate the function: turn the
knob counterclockwise.
4.5 PowerBoost
This function makes more power
available to the induction cooking zones.
The function can be activated for the
induction cooking zone only for a limited
period of time. After this time the
induction cooking zone automatically
sets back to the highest heat setting.
Refer to "Technical data"
To activate the function for a cooking
zone: touch
To deactivate the function: change the
heat setting.
4.6 Timer
Count Down Timer
You can use this function to set how long
the cooking zone should operate for a
single cooking session.
First set the heat setting for the cooking
zone then set the function.
To set the cooking zone: touch
again and again until the indicator of a
necessary cooking zone comes on.
To activate the function: touch
the timer to set the time (00 - 99
comes on.


Table of Contents

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