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LG GBB930 Series Owner's Manual

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Please read this owner's manual thoroughly before operating
and keep it handy for reference at all times.
P/NO : MFL42818325, #0



  Summary of Contents for LG GBB930 Series

  • Page 1 OWNER’S MANUAL REFRIGERATOR-FREEZER Please read this owner’s manual thoroughly before operating and keep it handy for reference at all times. GBB930***** AFN36881824 P/NO : MFL42818325, #0...
  • Page 3 Electrical Connections (In the UK Only) Important The wires in this mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code: GREEN AND YELLOW : EARTH BLUE : NEUTRAL BROWN : LIVE This appliance must be earthed Green and Yellow(Earth) Brown(Live) Fuse Blue(Neutral)
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS CONTENTS FOOD STORAGE 5 INTRODUCTION RECOMMENDATIONS Product fiche Safety requirements Food storage Primary refrigerator components CARE AND MAINTENANCE 12 INSTALLATION Cleaning Climate class General information Installation Refrigerator features Connection Reversible doors 13 OPERATION TROUBLESHOOTING Control Panel Smart Diagnosis (remote assistance) - Temperature control Troubleshooting - Optimal temperature zone...
  • Page 5: Introduction

    INTRODUCTION ENGLISH PRODUCT FICHE LG Electronics Trade Mark Model GBB930***** 7 (Refrigerator-Freezer) Category Energy efficiency class Annual energy consumption “XYZ” [kWh per year], based on Actual energy consumption will depend on how standard test results for 24 hours the appliance is used and where it is located...
  • Page 6: Safety Requirements

    INTRODUCTION SAFETY REQUIREMENTS o reduce risk of injury or property loss caused by improper ATTENTION! use of the refrigerator, the following safety instructions his appliance can be used by should be followed. (After children aged from 8 years and making oneself familiar with above and persons with these instructions, keep them in reduced physical, sensory or...
  • Page 7 INTRODUCTION CONNECTING TO A o not pull hard on the power POWER SOURCE: cord or touch the plug with wet hands. he refrigerator should his could cause have its own outlet. electric shock or injury. se of one outlet for ry the plug, wipe off any dust multiple devices can cause a fire.
  • Page 8 INTRODUCTION o not use flammable materials f the refrigerator has been like ether, gasoline, ethanol, flooded, subsequent use is only liquefied petroleum gas (propane permitted in the or butane), spray event it has been cans, or cosmetics checked by a near the service center refrigerator.
  • Page 9 INTRODUCTION f a strange smell or smoke is o not allow fats and oils detected coming (including from the vegetable) on the Servise center refrigerator, refrigerator's unplug it from plastic parts. the outlet and his can cause contact the damage or destroy them. service center.
  • Page 10 INTRODUCTION WARNING! emove the plug from the outlet before removing, cleaning, or RISK OF FIRE! replacing light bulbs sobutane (R600a) is an in the refrigerator. environmentally-safe but t may cause electric combustible gas. It does not shock or injury. destroy the ozone layer. hen transporting and installing urn the refrigerator the refrigerator, make sure that...
  • Page 11: Primary Refrigerator Components

    INTRODUCTION PRIMARY REFRIGERATOR COMPONENTS Model: GBB930***** SmartDiagnosis™ Bucket dairy Removable glass shelf Bottle rack Door basket Multi Air ow Door basket Folding glass shelf Egg tray (x2) Pull-out Vegetable Door basket drawer Opti-Temp Zone Freezer compartment Ice tray lamp Metal shelf Freezer tray Freezer drawers Adjustable legs...
  • Page 12: Installation

    INSTALLATION CLIMATE CLASS • When installing the refrigerator abutting a wall, make sure enough space exists to The climate class is indicated on the open the door more than 90 degrees to refrigerator's specification label located inside permit removal of shelves and drawers. the refrigerator compartment.
  • Page 13: Operation

    OPERATION front back Fig. 1. Installing stoppers NOTE Stoppers should be installed in order for the refrigerator to operate most efficiently. CONTROL PANEL External LED display Temperature control in the Express Freeze / Eco Friendly mode refrigerator compartment Opti-Temp. zone Door Alarm / Lockout Temperature control in the ON/OFF Freezer compartment lamp...
  • Page 14: Temperature Control

    OPERATION TEMPERATURE CONTROL • Two modes are suggested: one for storing vegetables (at 2 °C) and another for meat Default temperature for the refrigerator and and fish (at -1 °C). freezer compartments are 3°C and −20°C, • Due to this and optimized humidity, fish and respectively.
  • Page 15: Eco Friendly Mode

    OPERATION • To turn on the express freeze, press once LOCKOUT on the Express Freeze/Eco Friendly mode • When you press Lock Hold 3 sec button, all button on the external LED display. other buttons cease to function. • Lock Hold 3 sec button turns the lock on and off.
  • Page 16: Door Alarm

    OPERATION DOOR ALARM REFRIGERATOR COMPARTMENT • If the refrigerator doors are open for a short while (approx. 1 min.), a sound will be 1. The Moist Balance audible that will repeat every 30 seconds. Crisper pull-out fruit Moist Balance Crisper Fruits &...
  • Page 17: How To Remove The Pull-Out Vegetable Drawer

    OPERATION HOW TO REMOVE THE PULL-OUT VEGETABLE DRAWER Remove the bottom door basket by pulling up on it. Pull the drawer out until it stops. Lift the drawer by its front and pull it toward you. The holder is used The holder is not used HOW TO REMOVE THE PULL-OUT DRAWER COVER...
  • Page 18: Folding Glass Shelf

    OPERATION FOLDING GLASS SHELF REMOVING AND INSTALLING FREEZER DRAWERS To fit tall items such as bottles in the refrigerator compartment: • To ensure good air circulation, freezer Lift the front half of the shelf drawers must be pushed all the way in. and slide it under the rear half.
  • Page 19: Ice-Making

    FOOD STORAGE RECOMMENDATIONS FOOD STORAGE NOTE • Not recommended to store foods like 1. Do not apply too much force when bananas and melons that go bad quickly at pulling out shelves and drawers. This, as low temperatures. well as incorrect removal and •...
  • Page 20: Care And Maintenance

    CARE AND MAINTENANCE CLEANING GENERAL INFORMATION 1. Before cleaning, make sure your POWER FAILURE: refrigerator is unplugged. A 1 to 2 hour power failure will not harm the food stored in the refrigerator. Try to open 2. Wet a clean rag with a detergent dissolved and close the refrigerator door as little as in warm water and wash the refrigerator on possible during a power failure.
  • Page 21: Refrigerator Features

    CARE AND MAINTENANCE REFRIGERATOR FEATURES REVERSIBLE DOORS As a result of temperature-induced The refrigerator is designed so that the doors deformations of refrigerator components, you can open to the right or to the left depending may hear a slight crackling noise. Sounds on how it fits into your kitchen.
  • Page 22 CARE AND MAINTENANCE • Remove the lower door hinge (18) by removing the screws (17). • Unscrew the rod (19) and affix it to the opposite side of the hinge (18) using a 6 mm wrench. • Remove the plug (20) in the upper part of the freezer compartment door and install it on the opposite side.
  • Page 23: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING SmartDiagnosis™ . Following the operator's instructions, bring the microphone of your phone as close to (remote assistance) the SmartDiagnosis sign as possible. Hold your phone in this position until the data Use this function only if recommended by transfer is complete. the Customer Support Center (the phone number on your warranty card).
  • Page 24 TROUBLESHOOTING Before calling a repairman, read this section and call customer support. This will save you time and money. This list include the most common problems that are not result from poor-quality assembly or poor-quality materials used in the device. PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSES The refrigerator is plugged •...
  • Page 25: Disposal

    DISPOSAL PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSES Moisture condensates on • This can happen in rooms with high humidity levels. the refrigerator body In high humidity, moisture gets inside the refrigerator together with air. Moisture condensates • Doors open too often and stay open for a long time. inside Wipe wet surfaces by clean rag.
  • Page 28 For information about product certificates, 0810-144-131 please contact our Customer Support Center. AUSTRIA 0344-847-5454 Manufacturer: «LG Electronics RUS» LLC Address: 143160, Russian Federation, Moscow region, Ruza district, Dorokhovskoye rural village, LG Customer Support Center 86th km of Minskoe highway, building 9...