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Installation Instructions; Installation; Description Of The Appliance - Bosch TR2000TF Series Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Electric water storage tank
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Table of Contents
• This appliance can be used by children aged 8 years and older as well
as by persons with diminished bodily, sensory or mental perception,
or those who lack knowledge or experience, if they are monitored
or have received instruction concerning use and comprehend the
possible dangers that can result. Children may not play with the
appliance. Cleaning and maintenance by the user may not be
performed by unsupervised children.
• Keep children away from the appliance.
• Please monitor children to ensure that they do not play with the
• The mixer and the warm water pipe may be hot. Please inform and in-
struct children appropriately.
• Do not use aggressive or abrasive cleaning detergents!
• Do not use a steam cleaner.
DANGER Scalding!
▶ Hot water may escape during draining.
If the appliance needs to be drained for maintenance or to protect the
whole installation when there is a risk of frost, proceed as follows:
• Close the shut-off valve in the cold water line.
• Open the hot water taps on all draw-off points.
• Drain the appliance using the drain valve.
Congratulations on purchasing this appliance. You have acquired a top-
quality product, which will give you a lot of enjoyment.
Please read this installation and operating instruction manual
carefully, then act accordingly! Store for future reference.

Installation instructions

Install the floor-standing water heater as described in the illustrated
section. Observe the instructions in the text.
The illustrations can be found at the end of the instruction manual.


For economic reasons the installation location should be near the most
frequently used tap connection.

Description of the appliance

The interior of the steel tank has been specially enamelled to prevent
corrosion and has been fitted with a protective anode. The exterior has
been directly insulated with foam which cannot be removed. Cover the
appliance with the supplied protective jacket only when the installation
work is complete.
The universal flange enables electrical connections for single or double
circuit operation. Circulation pipes should be avoided on account of the
high heat losses. The circulation connection is located where the thermal
insulation is noticeably indented.
Parts supplied (Fig. 1 )
1 Floor-standing water heater
2 Protective jacket
Appliance design (Fig. 2 )
3 Hot-water outlet
4 Protective anode
5 Circulation connection piece
6 Mark for circulation connection piece
7 Steel tank, enamelled interior
8 Thermal insulation
9 Temperature selector switch
TR2000TF – 6 720 875 992 (2017/07)
10 Push-button
11 Heating flange
12 Cold-water inlet
Dimensions (Fig. 3 )
Water connection (Fig. 4 )
• Comply with DIN 1988 and the regulations issued by the water
Materials for cold-water and hot-water pipes
Water pipe made of steel, copper or plastic.
If plastic pipes are used, only install pipe systems made of crosslinked
polyethylene (high-density polyethylene) according to DIN 16893 series
2 (20 bar), checked in accordance with DVGW work sheets W 531 and
W 532 with the corresponding DVGW mark of conformity.
Information regarding the suitability and quality of other plastic pipes
without the above-mentioned design approval information can only be
provided by the pipe manufacturer.
Copper pipes are recommended if there is a risk of corrosion.
If using copper and steel materials, they must be joined in the following
sequence, as seen from the flow of direction: Copper comes after steel.
This will avoid corrosion by local cell formation.
Stipulated combinations:
• Cold-water pipe made of copper: hot-water pipe made of copper or
• Cold-water pipe made of steel: hot-water pipe made of steel, copper
or plastic
• Cold-water pipe made of plastic: hot-water pipe made of steel,
copper or plastic
Pressure reducing valve
The floor-standing water heater is designed to operate at pressures not
exceeding 0,6 MPa (6 bar). A pressure reducing valve must be situated
in the cold-water pipe if the water mains pressure exceeds 0,5 MPa (5
bar). If the water mains pressure exceeds 1,0 MPa (10 bar), a second
pressure reducing valve must be connected in series.
Installation example (Fig. 4 )
1 Thermostat
2 Time switch
3 Circulation pump
4 Non-return valve
5 Outlet valve
6 Safety valve
7 Through-way shutoff valve
8 Test connection piece for manometer
9 Test valve
10 Pressure reducing valve
(only when water supply pressure exceeds 0,5 MPa (5 bar))
11 Cold-water inlet
The fittings and safety devices indicated in the diagram must be used for
the installation and they must be fitted in the sequence shown
(see DIN 1988 or local regulations).
For easier installation we recommend the use of our compact safety
valve units.
If a central battery (thermostat battery) is used, a device must be fitted
directly to the hot-water outlet of the floor-standing water heater,
in order to measure the cut-out temperature.
Electrical connection (Fig. 5 )
• Electrical installation must only be carried out by an electrician from
the power supply company.
Installation instructions



Table of Contents

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