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Honeywell ZG 215N Operation And Putting Into Service page 20

Comfort compact controller
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Potentiomer P6 : Minimum limit
In case of air-handling sys -
tems minimum outside air
rates or mini- mum flow
temperatures are necessa -
ry. P6 deter- mines the
minimum opening of the
setting valves between
0...70 %. For heating sys -
tems mini- mum flow tem -
peratures of 0...70 °C can
be set.
Factory basic setting: P6
Potentiometer P8 : Feedback balancing
In heating systems without flow sensor (e. g. quantity regulation in
the flow) or in air-handling systems, the control unite works with a
potentiometer feedback of the servomotor. Changes in special
cases, if e. g. with valve actuation the motor's switch-off point and
the valve's cut-off point do not match.
Factory basic setting: P8
Changes are to be made only by specialized personnel!
Make sure that:
1. Shifting towards + the closing angle increases
– the regulating unit is closed further
2. Shifting towards – increases the opening angle
– the regulating unit is opened further
P8 P6



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