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Honeywell ZG 215VN Operation And Putting Into Service

Comfort compact controller
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Comfort Compact Controller ZG 215VN
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ZG 215 VN



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  Summary of Contents for Honeywell ZG 215VN

  • Page 1 Comfort Compact Controller ZG 215VN OPERATION AND PUTTING INTO SERVICE ZG 215 VN auto1...
  • Page 2 Constant discharge temperature control ZG 215VN ZG Control Unit TW Temperature selector (opt.) VM Servomotor Frost protection thermostat DR Heating mixing valve Air heater LF Air flow sensor...
  • Page 3 Constant flow temperature control for a floor heating system ZG 215VN //// //// ZG Control Unit TW Temperature selector VM Servo motor Temperature limiter ZR Heating mixing valve Heating circuit pump VF Flow sensor...
  • Page 4: Operating The Control

    Operating the Control The ZG 215VN can be used at choice for the control of an air-handling system’s constant discharge temperature (left- hand system diagram) or a floor heating’s constant flow tempe - rature (right-hand system diagram). The VF/LF temperature sensors monitor constantly the actual va- lues and transmit these values to theZG control unit.
  • Page 5: Operating And Display Components

    Operating and Display Components Pos. Function Basic Setting Day mode Reduced mode Sensitivity auto Operating mode selector (red) ”Hotter“ LED (green) ”Colder“ LED Instructions compartment Heating curve diagram Basic Settings Reserve trip pins Inserted trip pins Timer (optional) Pointer for the current time Settings on the Temperature Selector Selector knob auto...
  • Page 6: Operating Mode Selector

    Operating Mode Selector manu The control unit is deactivated (the timer runs). The mixing valve can be set manually (by hand). The pump is switched on. auto Recommended setting for higher energy saving: automatic change between day and reduced mode according to the timer with night switch-off.
  • Page 7 LED’s Both LED’s light up: ”neutral“ – mixing valve stops only red LED lights up: ”hotter“ – mixing valve opens only green LED lights up: ”colder“ – mixing valve closes In the manu settings of the operating mode selector there is no LED display.
  • Page 8: Putting Into Service

    Putting into service Set the timer with the current time to auto Set the operating mode selector The remaining basic factory settings are printed under on the control unit. Timer for reduced mode With the aid of the timer, the room temperature during idle periods can be reduced automatically to save on operating costs.
  • Page 9: Changing The Program

    Changing the program Factory settings: pin 6:00, blue pin 22:00. Pull out the trip pin and insert it again at the desired switch-on time. Push in the trip pins until they reach the stop! Owing to the different lengths, the trip pins must always be inser - ted in a red/blue alternate ordere.
  • Page 10 Example: Desired time program Normal temperature: 6:00 h to 8:00 h and 16:00 h to 22:00 h Night decrease: 22:00 h to 6:00 h Day decrease: 8:00 h to 16:00 h Position of the trip pins 6:00 h – Start day mode (normal temperature) blue pin 8:00 h –...
  • Page 11: Day Mode

    Optimization of the Settings The ZG 215VN control unit is a constant temperature controller. The desired temperature, e. g. the supply temperature of an air-handling system or the flow temperature of a heating system can be set on the setting knobs of the controller.
  • Page 12 Example (with TW 23) è 20 Setting on the setting knob P2 è 50 Setting on the TW 23’s selector knob è -20 Setting on the setting knob Both settings give target values of 50 °C in the day and of 30 °C at night.
  • Page 13 Remote Control TF 22 (optional) Setting the Room Temperature On setting knob P2 the setting of the room temperature can be fine tuned. The setting without the remote control is always 20 °C. With the respective remote control another setvalue may be tuned. The scale on the selector is divided from -7 to +7 and corresponds more or less to the variation in degrees.
  • Page 14 Examples TF 22 TW 23A Selector knob P2 +1 +2 20 21 22 23 Room temp. [°C] 20 21 22 20 21 22 23 If no temperature selector is available, the desired room tempera - ture can be set only on the setting knob of the control unit.
  • Page 15: Troubleshooting Checklist

    Troubleshooting Checklist Is the heat generator at the required temperature? è Read the heat generator’s thermometer. Is the burner ready? Is the burner failure lamp on? è If necessary, press the reset button. Was the temperature selector set by mistake? Setting of the selector knob P2 Check the setting of the control unit.
  • Page 16: Manual Mode

    Manual mode...
  • Page 17 Manual mode (fig. on the left) In case of the breakdown of the heating mode regulation, you can proceed temporarily as follows: on manu . 1. Set the operating mode selector 2. Open the mixing valve by hand until the desired flow and room temperatures are reached.
  • Page 18 Behavior of the target values during day and reduced mode Day mode setpoint Reduced mode setpoint...
  • Page 19 Instructions for the Technician (only!) Removing the Timer (see also the installation instructions) Operating steps: 1. Pull out the instructions case. 2. Hold the timer by the two white stems and turn to the left until the connector is released. 3.
  • Page 20 Flow- and airflow-sensors VF20 VF 20A LF20...
  • Page 21 Reference Installation instructions Compact Control Units ZG 215N / 215VN / 252N EN1H-0181 GE51 Operating Instructions ZG 252N: EN2H-0215 GE51 ZG 215N: EN2H-0216 GE51 ZG 215VN: EN2H-0217 GE51 “Informationsschrift” (Planning broschure in German) L3 – Komfort Compact Regler GE0H-0327 GE51...
  • Page 22 Centra Regelungstechnik Honeywell AG Böblinger Straße 17 D 71101 Schönaich Telefon +49 (70 31) 637-01 Telefax +49 (70 31) 637-493 Technical data may be changed without prior notice. EN2H-0217 GE51 R0702 7157 560...