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Installation Instructions; Unpacking; Product Description - Bosch TR4000 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
• After installation, electrically live
parts must be touch protected.
• The appliance should be
disconnected from the electrical
mains supply when working on the
water supply. After service work is
complete, proceed as during the first-
time appliance start-up.
• The electrical mains supply and the
water supply must be shut off before
all work on the appliance.
• No changes may be made to the
• The warm water pipe may be hot.
Please inform and instruct children
• If the power cord of this unit is
damaged, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer, an authorised
servicing agent or a similarly qualified
person so as to avoid danger.
• Do not use aggressive or abrasive
cleaning detergents!
• Do not use a steam cleaner.
• The appliance is only to be descaled
by a suitably qualified specialist.
Safety of electrical devices for
domestic use and similar purposes
The following requirements apply in
accordance with EN 60335-2-35 in
order to prevent hazards from occurring
when using electrical appliances:
"This appliance can be used by children
of 3 years and older, as well as by people
with reduced physical, sensory or
TR4000 | TR4000R – 6 720 876 021 (2019/06)
mental capabilities or lacking in
experience and knowledge, if they are
supervised and have been given
instruction in the safe use of the
appliance and understand the resulting
dangers. Children shall not play with the
appliance. Cleaning and user
maintenance must not be performed by
children without supervision."
"If the power cable is damaged, it must
be replaced by the manufacturer, its
customer service department or a
similarly qualified person, so that risks
are avoided."
Please read this installation and
operating instruction manual
carefully, then act accordingly! Store
for future reference.

Installation instructions

Install the continuous-flow heater as described in the
illustrated section. Observe the instructions in the text.


Inspect the new appliance for transport damage!
Please dispose of the packaging, and if applicable,
the old appliance in an environmentally-friendly manner.
Scope of delivery (Fig. 1)
1. Housing
2. Mounting (3 screws, 3 wall plugs)
3. Operation indicator
(only on TR4000 6 EB and TR4000 8 EB)
4. Installation bracket
5. Mounting bracket
6. Aerator
7. Documentation

Product description

The electronic continuous-flow heater is suitable for closed
(pressurised) connections. It heats the water as it passes
through the appliance.
Installation instructions


Table of Contents

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