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Care & Maintenance; Technical Specifications - Yamaha POOLJET User Manual


Care & Maintenance
• DO NOT leave the Seascooter in the water. Always take the
unit out of water when not in use.
• Always rinse the Seascooter with fresh water and allow it to
dry before storage.
• Whenever possible rinse the Seascooter with fresh water
immediately after use.
• To clean the Seascooter do not use detergents; only use a
damp cloth to wipe the unit clean.
Washing and Care
1. After use drain the Pooljet of waster.
2. Rinse the Pooljet with clean fresh water after use.
3. Ensure the charge port is free from dirt and debris. Clean with
mild soapy water if necessary and dry fully.
4. Charge the batteries at least once every three months when
not in use.
5. Do not attempt to repair the Pooljet Do not open the unit.
Return to authorised dealer for repair under warranty.
6. Do not dispose of the unit into household waste, fire or water.
Li-lon batteries are contained in the unit and should be
recycled once their lifespan is complete.
7. The Pooljet toy is to be regularly examined for damage to the
cord, plug, enclosure and other parts, and in the event of such
damage, the toy must not to be used with the transformer or
battery charger until that damage had been repaired.
8. The Pooljet is to be operated in water only when fully
assembled in accordance with the instructions.

Technical Specifications

Unit Dimensions
10.63 inches x 10.31 inches x 7.65 inches
(270 x 262 x 202 mm)
Unit Weight
3.52 lb (1.6 kg)
Battery Type
1 x 7.2V / 2 Ah rechargeable battery
Battery Life /
*Run up to 30 minutes with normal use
Fully Charge
Continuous use up to 20 minutes
Depth rating
XX m / XX ft
Up to 1.2 mph (2 km/ h)
*Normal Use
The definition of normal use is based on the average general time
of use the user activates the seascooter in the water.
Continuous Use
The definition of continuous use is based on a fully charged battery
whereby the seascooter is used continuously in the water without

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