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Introduction; Warnings - Yamaha POOLJET User Manual



The NEW Yamaha POOLJET is designed for family water
fun; giving kids a totally new experience - power
performance for fun and excitement in the pool.
The Seascooter™ POOLJET adds a new dimension of fun
and excitement to swimming and snorkeling.
Only use The SEASCOOTER™ POOLJET in a pool or in
calm water and close to shore – DO NOT use in the
open sea.
Use appropriate equipment such as wetsuit, approved
life jacket, mask & snorkel etc. when using seascooter.
Only operate the Seascooter in water.
• Speed up to 1.2 mph / 2.0 km/h
• Run up to 30 minutes with normal use
• Fully waterproof construction
• Weight just 3.52 lbs (1.6 kg)
POOLJET is compact, lightweight and highly manoeuvrable
offering a whole new experience in the water.
Please study this manual to get the most out of your
Seascooter™ POOLJET.
The Seascooter is designed for use in seawater. It will
have less buoyancy in fresh water, lake or pool and
may sink in such waters.
• This is not a life saving device.
DO NOT use it as a buoyancy aid.
• Be careful when you are transporting the
Seascooter and setting it down to avoid
crushing hazard on hands, foot or toes.
• Crushing / Cutting Hazard
• Read the user's manual carefully before use.
• Not to be used by children under the age of
five (5) and must ONLY be used by children
under adult supervision.
14 +
5 +
• The seascooter is designed for 1 person use.
• ALWAYS wear a life vest (personal floatation
device - PFD) approved by your local
authorities: (U.S. Coast Guard Type III vest
in the US or Canadian Coast Guard
approved life vest in Canada or SAI Approval
PFD in Australia or CE / ISO Approved PFD
in Europe).

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