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Care & Maintenance - Yamaha Seascooter SeaWing User Manual


Battery Use
• Do not subject the battery to strong impacts or shocks.
• Do not pierce the battery with nails, strike the battery
with a hammer, step on the battery, or otherwise
damage the outer casing.
• MUST re-charge the battery after EACH USE.
• MUST re-charge the battery at least EVERY SIX
MONTHS when not in use.
• ALWAYS REMOVE the Battery from the seascooter
• Never leave Lithium-Ion batteries discharged for long -
the batteries do self-discharge and the charge could
drop low enough to damage the battery.
• Keep Lithium-Ion batteries away from high heat - high
temperatures may cause premature battery failure.
discharged in a cool, dry place.
Care & Maintenance
Washing and Care
• Soak the seascooter into fresh water for approx.
1 hour after every use to prevent salt- sand and
chlorine crystal accumulation in the seascooter.
Or switch
the seascooter on for approx. 1
minute in fresh water to flush the seascooter and
propeller components clear of any debris.
• To clean the Seascooter do not use detergents; only use
a damp cloth to wipe the unit clean.
• Use a cloth to dry the seascooter and the battery
• DO NOT leave the Seascooter in the water. Always take
the unit out of water when not in use.
Sand or Grit on Seals
Ensure that sand/grit does not get on the seals as correct
maintenance and care is essential. To remove sand or grit
from the seals, rinse the seals in fresh water and apply
fresh lubricant. If there is sand inside the Battery Housing,
gently brush the sand from the unit taking care not to
scratch the sealing surfaces.

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