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Before Calling Service - NEC E657Q User Manual

Digital signage display
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Before Calling Service

Please make these simple checks before calling service. These tips may save
you time and money as charges for receiver installation and adjustments of
customer controls are not covered under your warranty.
No power
No picture
Good picture but no
Good sound but poor
Poor picture
Presence of a horizontal
dotted line
Display not responding
via the remote control
Items To Check And Actions To Follow
• Check to see if the display's AC power cord is plugged
into the outlet.
• Unplug the display and after 60 seconds reinsert the plug
into the outlet and power on the display.
• Adjust the contrast and brightness settings.
• Increase the volume.
• Confirm that the display is not muted by pressing the
Mute button on the remote control.
• Adjust the contrast, color and brightness settings.
• Change setting of MEMC at OSD (Only for E557Q /
• This may be caused by electrical interference (e.g. hair-
dryer, nearby neon lights, etc.).
• Power cycle the equipment by turning off and then turning
back on.
• Determine if the batteries are working and replace
batteries if necessary.
• Clean the remote control sensor lens on the display.
• If necessary, utilize the buttons located on the side of the

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Table of Contents

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